OR/MS / Volume 42 / Issue 5

Title Cat:App Page
Determinants of success of German venture capital investments Ab:110 481
Cross-cultural retailing research: A comparison of shopping experiences in Estonia and Canada Ab:140 483
Technology and the courtroom: An inquiry into knowledge making in organizations Ac:100 487
Judgmental errors, interactive norms and the difficulty of detecting strategic surprises Af:100 491
Leveraging the customer base: Creating competitive advantage through knowledge management Af:100 493
Too much of a good thing? Product proliferation and organizational failure Af:150 495
Toward a theory-based measurement of culture Ag:000 497
Complexities and controversies in linking HRM with organizational outcomes Ag:130 501
Creating and transferring knowledge for productivity improvement in factories Ag:150 503
Leadership for effective supply chain partnership Ah:140 505
Relational quality: Managing trust in corporate alliances Az:100 507
Education for growth: Why and for whom? Bf:000 511
Job rotation as a learning mechanism Bf:130 513
Developing virtual environments for industrial training Bf:130 515
Design of a virtual community-based interactive learning environment Bf:160 517
TICLE: Using multimedia multimodal guidance to enhance learning Bf:160 519
Sizing the US destroyer fleet Cb:160 521
Vehicle dispatching system based on Taguchi-tuned fuzzy rules Cc:000 523
Technology foresight in companies: From an indicator to a network and process perspective Cc:160 527
The latest arrival hub location problem Cc:250 531
The Asian financial crisis of 1997: Causes and policy responses Cz:230 533
Regulating the domestic air travel in India: An umpire’s game Dc:250 537
An integrated inventory model for supplier and retailer with defective items Dd:150 541
An efficient algorithm for dynamic traffic equilibrium assignment with queues Dd:250 545
Hierarchical genetic fuzzy systems Ec:000 547
Impacts of random noise and specification on estimates of capacity derived from data envelopment analysis Ee:000 551
Bayesian model for early warning of bank failures Ee:220 555
Thirty years of conjoint analysis: Reflections and prospects Ee:140 557
Adaptation as information restriction: The hot stove effect Ef:100 561
An integrated approach to distributed version management and role-based access control in computer supported collaborative writing Fa:000 563
Knowledge management systems: An architecture for active and passive knowledge Fb:000 565
E-business: Revolution, evolution or hype? Fc:100 567
Optimal design of a data-offload network Fc:160 569
Interactive video streaming with proxy servers Fc:160 573
Managerial information system success factors within the cultural context of North America and a former Soviet Republic Fd:160 575
Stochastic simulation of risk factor potential effects for software development risk management Fe:160 579
An empirical study of certain object-oriented software metrics Fe:160 581
Digital watermarking models for resolving rightful ownership and authenticating legitimate customer Fz:100 583