OR/MS / Volume 42 / Issue 1

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Management tools and techniques: A survey Aa:100 13
Schumpeter, Schumacher and the greening of technology Ae:240 17
Managing organizational transformations: Lessons from the Veterans Health Administration Ag:100 19
Motivation, knowledge transfer and organizational forms Ag:100 21
An extended enterprise planning methodology for the discrete manufacturing industry Ah:100 25
Efficient supply contracts for fashion goods with forecast updating and two production modes Ah:150 29
Divide and conquer: Rohm and Haas’ response to a changing specialty chemicals market Ah:150 31
Investigation of maintenance float problem using genetic algorithms Ca:150 35
An application of the AHP in vendor selection of a telecommunications system Cb:220 37
Base closure: An application of the analytic hierarchy process Cb:260 39
Sequencing of jobs in some production system Cc:150 43
Workforce-constrained preventative maintenance scheduling using evolution strategies Cc:150 45
Scheduling with fixed delivery dates Cc:150 47
An improved tabu search method for the weighted constraint satisfaction problem Cd:000 51
Eye fixations on advertisements and memory for brands: A model and findings Db:140 55
Rule and utility based evidential reasoning approach for multiattribute decision analysis under uncertainties Ea:000 59
The effects of cognitive style and model type on DSS acceptance: An empirical study Ea:130 63
User segmentation of online music services using fuzzy clustering Ec:210 67
Separating inventory flows in the materials management department of Hancock Medical Center Ed:150 71
Appropriateness and impact of platform-based product development Ez:170 73
Information technology and the US economy Fa:230 77
Prospects for operations research in the E-business era Fc:000 79
E-commerce and operations research in airline planning, marketing and distribution Fc:210 83
Business-to-business electronic commerce Fc:210 87
A methodology for building content-oriented hypermedia systems Fd:100 91
Information privacy and marketing: What the US should (and shouldn’t) learn from Europe Fd:140 93
Information technology, core competencies and sustained competitive advantage Fd:160 97
Cascade graphs: Design, analysis and algorithms for relational joins Fe:100 99
Function point counting: One program’s experience Fe:160 101
Lessons learned through six years of component-based development Fe:160 103
Software security and privacy risks in mobile e-commerce Fe:210 105