OR/MS / Volume 42 / Issue 2

Title Cat:App Page
The development of a scale to measure perceived corporate credibility Ac:100 121
Visibility versus complexity in business groups: Evidence from Japanese keiretsu Ae:100 123
The Microsoft case: What can a dominant firm do to defend its market position? Af:140 125
Memory systems in organizations: An empirical investigation of mechanisms for knowledge collection, storage and access Ag:100 127
Supporting return flows in the supply chain Ah:100 131
Sourcing by design: Product complexity and the supply chain Ah:150 133
Gaining from green management: Environmental management systems inside and outside the factory Az:240 137
China: The bitter roots of foreign trade through the eyes of Asian culture Az:270 139
Missionaries, mercenaries or car salesmen? MBA teaching in Malaysia Bc:220 143
Management as a professional discipline Bd:000 145
Sustainability at Hewlett-Packard: From theory to practice Bd:000 149
The effects of news on initial corporate lawsuits Be:100 153
Understanding the impact of human resource diversity practices on firm performance Be:130 157
Intervention methodology for complex problems: The FAcT-Mirror method Bz:000 159
A multiple attribute utility theory approach to ranking and selection Cb:100 161
Capital budgeting under uncertainty: An integrated approach using contingent claims analysis and integer programming Cb:110 163
The relationship between process and manufacturing plant performance: A goal programming approach Cb:150 165
Production scheduling theory: Just where is it applicable? Cc:150 167
Scheduling multipurpose batch process industries with no-wait restrictions by simulated annealing Cc:150 171
Sequential testing in product development Cd:000 175
Optimal dynamic allocation of treatment and enforcement in illicit drug control Cd:220 177
Identifying chaotic systems using Wiener and Hammerstein cascade models Da:000 179
Recent trends in modeling of deteriorating inventory Dd:000 181
Parallel and sequential testing of design alternatives Dz:170 185
Predictors of performance of venture capitalist-backed organizations Ea:110 189
Multicriteria decision making on maintenance: Spares and contracts planning Ea:150 191
Forecasting uncertain hotel room demand Eb:210 193
Evaluating controller robustness using cell mapping Ec:000 195
Knowledge discovery for control purposes in food industry databases Ec:210 199
Comparative ignorance and the Ellsberg Paradox Ee:000 203
Signaling techniques and their effect on neural network implementation sizes Fb:000 207
Information gatekeepers on the internet and the competitiveness of homogeneous product market Fc:140 209
The emerging landscape for retail e-commerce Fc:210 213
In-process metrics for software testing Fe:160 217
An agent-based approach for building complex software systems Fe:160 221
Prospects for soft statistical computing: Describing data and inferring from data with words in the human sciences Fz:000 223
Concurrent engineering and its consequences Fz:150 227