OR/MS / Volume 42 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
Organization structure from a loose coupling perspective: A multidimensional approach Ac:100 241
Are sale signs less effective when more products have them? Af:140 245
Quality segmentation in spatial markets: When does cannibalization affect product line design? Af:170 249
Organizational incentives and organizational mortality Ag:100 251
The rediscovery of postponement: A literature review and directions for research Ah:150 255
Promotions and the pattern of grocery shopping time Bc:140 259
Background music pleasure and store evaluation: Intensity effects and psychological mechanisms Bc:140 261
Learning why some customers shop at less convenient stores Bc:220 263
An objective review of the effectiveness and essential characteristics of performance feedback in organizational settings (1985-1998) Bd:130 265
Past the tipping point: The persistence of firefighting in product development Bd:150 269
Managerial allocation of time and effort: The effects of interruptions Bz:130 271
A study of life events and changes in patronage preferences Bz:140 275
Flight graph based genetic algorithm for crew scheduling in airlines Ca:130 277
A new modeling framework for organizational self-assessment: Development and application Cb:000 279
The analytic hierarchy process: An exposition Cb:000 281
Strategic service network design for DHL Hong Kong Cc:100 285
A multi-period network design problem for cellular telecommunication systems Cc:250 289
Intermodal pricing model creates a network pricing perspective at BNSF Cd:110 291
Estimating the economic benefits of forward-engaged naval forces Cz:260 295
Understanding complex, real-world systems through asynchronous, distributed decision-making algorithms Da:000 297
Pakistan’s economy, trade and management: An overview Db:230 299
A reduced game property for the proportional solution for claims problems Dc:100 301
Queueing system with multiple delay and loss priorities for ATM networks Dd:110 303
Capacity acquisition, subcontracting and lot sizing Dd:150 305
Protective capacity positioning: Impact on manufacturing cell performance Dd:150 307
System dynamics modeling: Tools for learning in a complex world Dz:000 309
Implementing and evaluating SilverScreener: A marketing management support system for movie exhibitors Ea:100 311
Optimization models for restructuring BASF North America’s distribution system Ea:100 313
Sales-force decision models: Insights from 25 years of implementation Ea:140 315
Using cyclic planning to manage capacity at ALCOA Ed:150 319
New uses of statistics in retail banking Ee:220 321
Keeping cars from crashing Fa:250 325
An integrated framework for traffic control in ATM networks based on soft-computing techniques Fb:100 327
The web’s hidden order Fc:100 331
Atmospheric qualities of online retailing: A conceptual model and implications Fc:140 333
Uncovering patterns in cybershopping Fc:140 335
Combining IS research methods: Towards a pluralist methodology Fe:160 337
DIRECTV: Forecasting diffusion of a new technology prior to product launch Ff:140 341
Introducing computer-based telemedicine in three rural Missouri counties Fz:280 345