OR/MS / Volume 42 / Issue 6

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How tight are the ties that bind stakeholder groups? Ac:100 601
Replication as strategy Af:100 605
Incumbent entry into new market niches: The role of experience and managerial choice in the creation of dynamic capabilities Af:140 609
Path dependence in the innovation of complex technologies Af:170 613
What is the organizational knowledge? Ag:100 615
Generational comparison: Xers in the United States and Korea Ag:130 619
Group polarization and computer-mediated communication: Effects of communication cues, social presence and anonymity Bc:130 623
A platform-neutral live IP/TV presentation system Bf:160 627
How could we ever believe science is not political? Bz:000 631
A genetic algorithm approach for the buffer allocation problem in unreliable production lines Ca:150 633
Soft evidential update for probabilistic multiagent systems Cc:000 637
Probing a traffic congestion controversy: Density and flow scrutinized Cc:250 641
Online searching Ce:000 645
Economic production lot sizing with periodic costs and overtime Cz:150 647
Capacity allocation among multiple product classes in make-to-order manufacturing environments Cz:150 651
Chaos theory as a framework for studying information systems Da:160 653
Ten little treasures of game theory and ten intuitive contradictions Dc:000 655
Stock wars: Inventory competition in a two-echelon supply chain with multiple retailers Dd:120 657
Stochastic inventory systems in a supply chain with asymmetric information: Cycle stocks, safety stocks and consignment stock Dd:120 659
Collaborative decision making: A connectionist paradigm for dialectical support Ea:000 663
Macroeconomic forecasting using diffusion indexes Eb:230 667
Design of robust fuzzy-model-based controller with sliding mode control for SISO nonlinear systems Ec:000 669
Vector autoregressions Ec:230 671
Mismeasured variables in econometric analysis: Problems from the right and problems from the left Ee:230 673
Instrumental variables and the search for identification: From supply and demand to natural experiments Ee:230 675
Science at a crossroads Ez:230 677
Web services and business process management Fc:100 679
A framework-based approach to building private trading exchanges Fc:110 681
Maintaining security and timeliness in real-time database system Fd:160 683
Deciding how long to test software Fe:160 685
Automated prototyping tool-kit (APT) Fe:160 691
Producing reliable software: An experiment Fe:160 693
Software engineering technology watch Fe:160 695
Design erosion: Problems and causes Ff:160 699
A collaborative approach to ontology design Ff:160 701
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