OR/MS / Volume 41 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
Successful execution of product development projects: Balancing firmness and flexibility in the innovation process Ad:100 241
Imitation of complex strategies Af:100 245
Inter-organizational collaboration and the dynamics of institutional fields Af:100 247
Strategy, advanced manufacturing technology and performance: Empirical evidence from US manufacturing firms Af:130 251
Network structure in virtual organizations Ag:100 255
Risk mitigation in virtual organizations Ag:100 257
Improving manufacturing performance through process change and knowledge creation Ag:150 261
Supply management orientation and supplier/buyer performance Ah:100 265
Retailing and supply chains in the information age Ah:210 267
Developing a theory of reverse logistics Ah:240 271
Should America save for its old age? Fiscal policy, population aging and national saving Ba:230 273
Corporate championing and antagonism as forms of political behavior: An R&D perspective Bc:170 275
Estimating the marginal willingness to pay for commuting Bd:130 277
The traffic flow management rerouting problem in air traffic control: A dynamic network flow approach Cb:220 279
Coupling and control flow measures in practice Cc:100 281
Time-indexed formulations for machine scheduling problems: Column generation Cc:150 285
Toward re-engineering models and algorithms of facility layout Cz:120 289
Population, food and knowledge Cz:240 293
A load-based and due-date-oriented approach to order review/release in job shops Db:150 295
Waiting: Integrating social and psychological perspectives in operations management Dd:130 299
Modelling police success in catching burglars in the act Df:220 301
Population, technology and growth: From Malthusian stagnation to the demographic transition and beyond Dz:230 303
Pretrial bargaining in the face of a random court decision: Evidence from laboratory games Ea:100 305
Consumer decision making in online shopping environments: The effects of interactive decision aids Ea:210 309
Turning datamining into a management science tool: New algorithms and emirical results Eb:210 313
Modifications of uncertain data: A Bayesian framework for belief revision Ee:000 315
Automating the approximate record-matching process Ee:160 317
A hybrid approach to rule discovery in databases Fb:000 321
Active agents, intelligence and quantum computing Fb:160 325
A document classification method by using field association words Fc:000 327
E-commerce: The role of familiarity and trust Fc:110 331
E-retail: Gold rush or fool’s gold? Fc:140 335
Frictionless commerce? A comparison of internet and conventional retailers Fc:140 339
Embedding robots into the internet Fc:160 343
A DEA framework to assess the efficiency of the software requirements capture and analysis process Fe:100 345
An automatic approach of domain test data generation Fe:160 347