OR/MS / Volume 41 / Issue 2

Title Cat:App Page
Paradox of coordination and control Ac:130 121
Manufacturing firms in developing countries: How well do they do and why? Ac:150 123
Competing on competence: A knowledge perspective on the management of strategic innovation Af:100 125
How the incumbent can win: Managing technological transitions in the semiconductor industry Af:150 127
Breaking up old marriages: The political process of change and continuity at work Ag:100 131
Rethinking political process in technological change: Socio-technical configurations and frames Ag:100 133
An evaluation of routing and volume-based storage policies in an order picking operation Ah:150 135
From homo economicus to homo sapiens Az:230 139
Communication patterns as determinants of organizational identification in a virtual organization Bb:160 141
Organizational leadership and authority relations across cultures: Beyond divergence and convergence Bd:130 143
A two-phase genetic algorithm for large-scale bidline-generation problems at Delta Airlines Ca:100 147
Linear programming with fuzzy variables Cb:000 149
Evolutionary algorithm solution to fuzzy problems: Fuzzy linear programming Cb:000 153
Optimal adoption of complementary technologies Cd:230 157
Warehouse design and control: Framework and literature review Cz:120 159
Use of location-allocation models in health service development planning in developing nations Cz:220 163
Getting the 21st century GDP right. Economic measurement: Progress and challenges Cz:230 167
Inventory policy for dense retail outlets Dd:140 169
A formal approach to workflow analysis Dz:100 173
Efficiency measurement for multi-product industries: A comparison of classic and recent techniques based on simulated data Ea:000 175
Capacity optimization planning system (CAPS) Ea:150 177
Cooperative multiobjective decision support for the paper industry Ea:290 181
An LMI-based H&#8734 fuzzy control system design with TS framework Ec:000 185
The fuzzy Delphi method via fuzzy statistics and membership function fitting and an application to the human resources Ec:000 187
Storage management of items in two levels of availability Ed:150 189
Towards a unified theory of imprecise probability Ee:000 193
Item selection in the consumer price index: Cut-off versus probability sampling Ee:230 195
Selecting scenarios for environmental disaster planning Ez:240 199
The impact of learning, forgetting and capacity profiles on the acquisition of advanced technology Fa:000 201
Bridging academic research and business practice with the new media Fc:000 205
Using field experiments to test equivalence between auction formats: Magic on the internet Fc:130 209
Survey of IT outsourcing experiences in US and UK organizations Fd:100 211
An encompassing life cycle centric survey of software inspection Fe:160 213
Software management and cost estimating error Fe:160 217
Avoiding the pitfalls of emerging technologies Ff:000 221
Benefits and requirements for interoperability in the electronic marketplace Fz:100 225
Simplicity without reduction: Thinking upstream towards the sustainable society Z:240 229