OR/MS / Volume 41 / Issue 5

Title Cat:App Page
In organization theory obvious to practitioners? A test of one established theory Ac:100 481
The social capital of French and American managers Ac:100 485
Exploring work system practices for time-based manufacturers: Their impact on competitive capabilities Ac:150 487
Interactive policy-making: A model of management for public works Ae:220 491
Do painless environmental policies exist? Ae:240 493
Competing with new product technologies: A process model of strategy Af:000 497
Communities of creation: Managing distributed innovation in turbulent markets Af:100 499
Entrepreneurs and technology diffusion. How diffusion research can benefit from a greater understanding of entrepreneurship Af:170 503
Rapid change: Nine information technology management challenges Af:170 505
Local systemic intervention Ag:100 507
Centralization vs. decentralization in a multi-unit organization: A computational model of a retail chain as a multi-agent adaptive system Ah:000 509
Supply-chain synchronization: Lessons from Hyundai Motor Company Ah:150 513
Gender and culture diversity occurring in self-formed work groups Bc:130 517
Bridging space over time: Global virtual team dynamics and effectiveness Bc:130 521
Layoff policies as a competitive edge Bd:130 525
Relationality in organizational research: Exploring The Space Between Bz:130 529
Leviathan vs. Lilliputian: A data envelopment analysis of government efficiency Cb:220 531
Optimal scheduling of progressive processing tasks Cc:000 535
Trapped in your own net? Network cohesion, structural holes and the adaptation of social capital Cc:130 539
A characterization of logistic networks for product recovery Cc:240 541
Dynamic allocation of kidneys to candidates on the transplant waiting list Cz:220 543
Cooperative dispatching: Exploiting the flexibility of an FMS by means of incremental optimization Dd:150 545
Making sense in hypercompetititve environments: A cognitive explanation for the persistence of high velocity competition Ea:100 547
Capturing group preferences in a multicriteria decision Ea:130 551
A decision support system for business process planning Ea:150 555
Action bias and environmental decisions Ea:240 557
A multiple criteria decision support system for testing integrated environmental models Ea:240 561
Ranking state financial management: A multilevel fuzzy rule-based system Ec:110 565
Fuzzy flexible flow shops at two machine centers for continuous fuzzy domains Ec:150 569
The surplus inventory matching problem in the process industry Ed:150 571
Attribute conflict and preference uncertainty: The RandMAU model Ef:000 575
Enterprise frameworks characteristics, criteria and challenges Fa:160 577
A novel means of applying neural networks to optimize the multiresponse problem Fb:000 581
Wine online: Search costs affect competition on price, quality and distribution Fc:110 583
Knowledge management technology and the reproduction of knowledge work practices Fd:160 587
Applying meta-analytical procedures to software engineering experiments Fe:160 591