OR/MS / Volume 41 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
Deregulation and regulatory backlash in health care Ae:220 361
Implementing industrial ecology: The AT&T matrix system Af:100 363
Failures and coping strategies in indigenous technology capability process Af:170 365
Constructing clinical use: An activity-theoretical perspective on implementing new technology Af:170 367
Science-based industries: A new Schumpeterian taxonomy Af:170 369
E media’s global zero: Design for environment in a small firm Ag:100 371
Managing the post-acquisition integration process: How the human integration and task integration processes interact to foster value creation Ag:110 373
Stretching the iron cage: The constitution and implications of routine workplace resistance Ag:130 375
How different are we? An investigation of Confucian values in the United States Ag:130 377
Organizational architecture and success in the information technology industry Ag:160 381
Incremental organizational change in a transforming society: Managing turbulence in Hungary in the 1990s Ag:220 385
Issues in the choice of supplier alliance partners Ah:000 389
Integrating the supply chain management and continuous quality improvement approaches by use of the integrated supply chain structural analysis method Ah:100 393
Extended-enterprise supply-chain management at IBM Personal Systems Group and other divisions Ah:120 397
Communication and trust in global virtual teams Bb:130 399
Fairness and retaliation: The economics of reciprocity Bc:230 401
Dynamics and dilemmas of women leading women Bd:000 403
On the role of outsiders in technical development Bd:170 405
Using objective values to start multiple objective linear programming algorithms Cb:000 407
Assessing financial risks using a multicriteria sorting procedure: The case of a country risk assessment Cb:110 409
A Pareto improving strategy for the time-dependent morning commute problem Cc:000 411
Measurement-based usage charges in communications networks Cc:110 413
Optimization engineering techniques for the exact solution of NP-hard combinatorial optimization problems Cd:000 415
Just-in-time purchasing: An empirical study of operational practices, supplier development and performance Cd:110 419
A framework for the description of evolutionary algorithms Ce:000 421
Understanding productivity: Lessons from longitudinal microdata Db:150 423
G-networks: A versatile approach for work removal in queueing networks Dd:000 425
Fuzzy work-in-process inventory control of unreliable manufacturing systems Dd:150 427
Sovereign debt service capacity estimation by logistic regression and neural networks Df:230 429
Critical systems thinking and practice Dz:000 431
Strategic outsourcing through specifications Dz:120 433
A multi-objective approach to simultaneous strategic and operational planning in supply chain design Ea:120 437
Information systems and occupational stress: A theoretical framework Fa:130 441
The little engines that could: Modeling the performance of world wide web search engines Fc:000 445
Vickrey auctions in practice: From nineteenth-century philately to twenty-first-century e-commerce Fc:110 447
Business models for internet-based e-commerce: An anatomy Fc:110 449
Web usage mining for website evaluation: Making a site better fit its users Fc:160 453
Assessing the impact of proactive versus reactive modes of strategic information systems planning Fd:160 457
A method and tool for assessing object-oriented projects and metrics management Fe:000 459
An empirical study of complexity metrics in Cobol programs Fe:160 461
Using evolution to evaluate reverse engineering technologies: Mapping the process of software change Fe:160 463
Has Germany finally fixed its high-tech problem? The recent boom in German technology-based entrepreneurship Fz:230 465