OR/MS / Volume 41 / Issue 1

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Security and coordination in a clandestine organization Ac:000 13
Early supplier involvement in customer new product development: A contingency model of component supplier intentions Ac:100 15
The coevolution of new organizational forms in the fashion industry: A historical and comparative study of France, Italy and the United States Ac:210 17
Cognitive biases and strategic decision processes: An integrative perspective Af:100 19
Challenges of managing the development of breakthrough products in Japan Af:140 23
Threats to new product manufacturability and the effects of development team integration processes Af:140 27
What’s experience got to do with it? Sources of cost reduction in a large specialty chemicals producer Ag:100 31
Evolving complex organizational structures in new and unpredictable environments Ag:100 35
How far will international economic integration go? Ag:230 37
Inequality and economic growth: The perspective of the new growth theories Az:230 39
Anti-poverty policy for families in the next century: From welfare to work – and worries Ba:220 41
Strategies of effective new product team leaders Bb:140 45
In search of a theoretical explanation for the credit card effect Bc:100 47
Capturing learning and applying knowledge: An investigation of the use of innovation teams in Japanese and American automotive firms Bc:130 49
Scheduling to improve field service quality Cc:150 53
Fault-tolerant wormhole routing in two-dimensional mesh networks with convex faults Cc:160 57
Hybrid fiber co-axial CATV network design with variable capacity optical network units Cc:250 59
Optimal production planning in pull flow lines with multiple products Cd:150 63
Marketing and operations research: A literature survey Cz:140 65
Shadow economies: Size, causes and consequences Cz:230 69
Analysis of a sampling control scheme for a perishable inventory system Dd:000 71
The simultaneous planning of production, capacity and inventory in seasonal demand environments Dd:150 73
The Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence: An alternative approach to multicriteria decision modelling Ea:000 77
Attribute conflict and preference uncertainty: Effects on judgement time and error Ea:130 79
Complex systems analysis and environmental modeling Ea:240 83
Customer satisfaction cues to support market segmentation and explain switching behavior Eb:140 85
Radio’s lessons for the internet Fc:160 89
Replication of measures in information systems research: The case of IS SERVQUAL Fd:000 91
Towards a strategy for knowledge management Fd:160 93
Optimal policies under risk for changing software systems based on customer satisfaction Fe:160 95
Understanding and improving technology transfer in software engineering Fe:160 97
Software developer perceptions about software project failure: A case study Fe:160 101
Technological discontinuities and the nature of competition Ff:000 105
Bundling information goods: Pricing, profits and efficiency Fz:140 107