OR/MS / Volume 41 / Issue 6

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Toward a stakeholder theory of the firm: The Saturn partnership Ac:100 601
Interfirm rivalry and managerial complexity: A conceptual framework of alliance failure Af:100 605
Assessing the relationship between practice changes and process improvement in new product development Af:170 607
The underpinnings of bureaucratic control systems: HRM in European multinationals Ag:100 611
Inventory, transportation, service quality and the location of distribution centers Ah:100 615
Chain or shackles: Understanding what drives supply-chain performance Ah:150 617
The dynamic value of hierarchy Az:100 619
Work-family benefits: Which ones maximize profits? Ba:110 621
Do performance plan adoptions improve firm performance? An analysis of nine industries Bd:130 625
Top management team heterogeneity: Personality, power and proxies Bd:130 629
Hybridizing genetic algorithms with sharing scheme and evolution strategies for designing approximate fuzzy rule-based systems Ca:000 631
A hybrid genetic algorithm for the open shop scheduling problem Ca:150 635
Identifying opportunities for improving Teradyne’s service-parts logistics system Cc:150 637
Optimal timing of project control points Cd:100 641
Rightsizing and management of prototype vehicle testing at Ford Motor Company Cd:150 645
Performance analysis and best implementations of old and new algorithms for the open-pit mining problem Cz:240 647
Fads, techniques and control: The competing agendas of TPM and TECEX at the Royal Mail (UK) Db:100 649
The personal discount rate: Evidence from military downsizing programs Db:230 651
A lemons market? An incentive scheme to induce truth-telling in third party logistics providers Dc:000 653
Local discouragement and global collapse: A theory of coordination avalanches Dc:230 655
Threshold policies for a single-server queuing network Dd:150 657
Gamma discounting Dz:230 661
A methodology for fuzzy modeling of engineering systems Ec:000 663
A periodic review inventory system with emergency replenishments Ed:000 667
Improving operations and quoting accurate lead times in a laminate plant Ed:150 669
An analysis of process industry production and inventory management systems Ed:150 673
Comparative evaluation of genetic algorithm and backpropagation for training neural networks Fb:000 677
On risk, convenience and internet shopping behavior Fc:140 681
Comparative analysis of model management and relational database management Fd:100 683
The effects of knowledge management systems on emergent teams: Towards a research model Fd:130 687
Software modeling and analysis using a hierarchical object-oriented Petri net Fe:000 689
Coping with ‘requirements-uncertainty’: The theories-of-action of experienced IS/software project managers Fe:000 693
The moderating effects of structure on volatility and complexity in software enhancement Fe:160 697
An integrative framework of the information systems development process Fe:160 699
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