QCAS / Volume 51 / Issue 2

Title Cat:App Page
Using statistical thinking and designed experiments to understand process operation 100:Y 121
Two modified semicircle control charts for detecting process improvement 110:Y 125
Quality control measurement of an engineering productivity index 110:Y 129
Economic design of moving average control charts 111:Y 131
Spectral control chart 119:Y 137
Practical implementation of the capability index Cpk based on the control chart data 120:Y 139
A Wald test for comparing multiple capability indices 120:Y 141
Modelling of unexpected shift in SPC 130:Y 145
A virtual system for vision based SPC 190:Y 147
Ranked set sampling: An approach to more efficient data collection 210:Y 149
The effects of sampling strategies on the small sample properties of the logit estimator 210:Y 155
An application of ranked set sampling for mean and median estimation using USDA crop production data 210:Y 159
Serial inspection plan in the presence of inspection errors: Maximum likelihood and maximum entropy approaches 230:Y 161
Sample size and number of failure requirements for demonstration tests with log-location-scale distributions and failure censoring 240:Y 163
Large sample properties of weighted Monte Carlo estimators 290:E 167
TQM: A change management model for market orientation 311:Y 173
Top management: A threat or an opportunity to TQM? 313:A 177
Ten “commandments” for facility Six Sigma projects 314:A 179
Promoting customer satisfactions by applying Six Sigma: An example from the automobile industry 314:M 181
Docs Six Sigma work in service industries? 314:S 183
Improving quality in the Spanish electrical sector: A QFD application 323:Y 185
ISO 9000 in service: The good, the bad and the ugly 342:Y 189
The financial impact of ISO 9000 certification in the United States: An empirical analysis 342:Y 191
The penetration of ISO 9000 certification in Greek industries 342:Y 195
Mystery shopping: A tool to develop insight into customer service provision 350:Y 199
TQM, culture and performance in UAE manufacturing firms 410:M 201
An empirical model for managing quality in the electronics industry 410:M 203
Taking into consideration the sociocultural dimension in the drive for change through quality: Application to the Moroccan company 410:Y 207
Reduction in delay in procurement of materials using Six Sigma philosophy 430:Y 209
The most-cited statistical papers 510:Y 211
Testing general hypotheses under binomial sampling: The two sample case – asymptotic theory and exact procedures 511:Y 213
Estimating a frequency unseen: An application to ornithology 512:Z 219
Optimal stated preference choice experiments when all choice sets contain a specific option 524:Y 221
Efficient designs based on orthogonal arrays of type I and type II for experiments using units ordered over time or space 530:Y 223
Mixture models, latent variables and partitioned importance sampling 559:Y 225
A new method in selective assembly to minimize clearance variation for a radial assembly using genetic algorithm 660:Y 227
Quantile-based metrics applied to process performance 720:Y 229
A heuristic reliability optimization algorithm for complex systems based on measures of reliability importance 820:Y 231