QCAS / Volume 51 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
A control chart based on sample median for the detection of a permanent shift in the process mean 110:Y 241
Multivariate monitoring using an MEWMA control chart with unequal sample sizes 119:Y 243
Algebraic relationship between symmetrical and asymmetrical capability indices 120:Y 247
Sequential Monte Carlo methods for statistical analysis of tables 210:Y 251
Upper and lower bounds for the correlation ratio of order statistics from a sample without replacement 210:Y 257
A modified acceptance test model with particular applicability to bioassay systems 210:Y 259
The decline and fall of type II error rates 240:Y 261
The relationship between organization strategy, total quality management (TQM) and organization performance – the mediating role of TQM 310:A 263
A relationship between Six Sigma and ISO 9000:2000 342:Y 267
A knowledge creation model for ISO 9001:2000 342:Y 269
Implementing business excellence 410:Y 273
TQM best practices: Experiences of Malaysian SMEs 410:M 275
Root cause analysis: A framework for tool selection 430:A 279
SERVQUAL: Its applicability in electronic commerce B2C 430:M 281
Quality assurance and e-learning: Reflections from the front line T 283
How to lie with bad data 510:Y 287
Conditionally least-informative distributions: The case of the location parameter 511:Y 291
Making inferences with indirect measurements 512:Y 293
Analysis of variance – Why it is more important than ever 515:Y 295
Studies on the reduction of coefficient of variation: A case study 515:Y 301
How to confuse with statistics or: The use and misuse of conditional probabilities 517:Y 303
Generalized robust conjoint estimation 519:Y 305
Tables of truncated standard normal distribution: A doubly truncated case 519:Y 307
A new approach for multiple-response optimization 520:Y 309
Large factorial designs for product engineering and marketing research applications 520:Y 311
Experimental designs in the high added value products industry 520:Y 315
Resolution IV designs with 128 runs 524:Y 317
A discussion of alternative ways of modeling and interpreting mixture data 529:Y 319
A comparison of methods for the evaluation of binary measurement systems 530:Y 321
A sequential approach to testing seasonal unit roots in high frequency data 540:Y 323
Kernel spline regression 549:Y 325
The MM-estimator in response surface methodology 549:Y 327
Integration of work measurement and total quality management 630:A 329
Kano’s theory of attractive quality and packaging 640:M 333
Prioritization of service quality parameters based on ordinal responses 670:S 335
6 ways to benefit from customer complaints 690:A 337
Start-up demonstration tests based on consecutive successes and total failures 690:M 339
A methodology to synthesize monitoring laws by using quality, security, ecology and productivity criteria 690:Y 341
Statistical analysis of geometrical tolerances: A case study 710:Y 343
Integrated quality and quantity modeling of a production line 720:M 345
Using degradation data to assess reliability 820:Y 349