QCAS / Volume 51 / Issue 5

Title Cat:App Page
Improved design of proportional integral derivative charts 110:Y 481
Should exponentially weighted moving average and cumulative sum charts be used with Shewhart limits? 110:Y 485
Determining the actual time of a variance increment or reduction using the moving range control chart 110:Y 487
Properties of the T2 control chart when parameters are estimated 110:Y 489
Capability indices and conformance to specification: The motivation for using Cpm 120:Y 491
Capability index for relational functions: Inferential procedures 120:Y 497
A survey technique for procuring honest responses 210:Y 503
A new variance estimator for a two-phase restratified sample with PPS sampling at both phases 210:Y 507
The non-central chi-square chart with two-stage samplings 210:Y 513
Nonparametric model calibration estimation in survey sampling 210:Y 517
Foundations for quality management of scientific data products 310:Y 523
Monotonic robust optimal control policies for the time-quality trade-offs in concurrent new product development (NPD) 322:M 527
Tell me why I don’t like Mondays: Investigating day of the week effects on job satisfaction and psychological well-being 334:A 529
Improve your audit interviews 341:Y 531
Your customers are talking, but are you listening? 350:Y 533
Manage complaints to enhance loyalty 350:Y 535
The application of manufacturing cost of quality elements to arts and cultural organizations: An exploratory study 440:Z 537
Implementation of a holistic model for quality in higher education T 539
Approximate confidence interval for standard deviation of nonnormal distributions 511:Y 543
Confidence intervals for proportions estimated by group testing with groups of unequal size 512:Y 547
Response modeling methodology (RMM) – maximum likelihood estimation procedures 520:Y 553
The efficiencies of fractional factorial designs 524:Y 555
Grey models in seasonal time series forecasting 544:Y 559
Robust adaptive estimators for binary regression models 549:Y 565
Nonparametric estimation of the lower tail dependence &#9551 in bivariate copulas 551:Y 569
Establishing customer relationship management framework in nursing homes 670:B 573
The effects of specific job satisfaction facets on customer perceptions of service quality: An employee-level analysis 670:S 577
The relationship between service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty: A study on the management consulting industry 670:S 581
An investigation of the measurements systems analysis “analytic method” for attribute gages 710:Y 583
Testing for dependency of failure times in life testing 820:Y 589
A &#948-shock maintenance model for a deteriorating system 840:M 591
Maintenance optimization of equipment by linear programming 840:M 593