QCAS / Volume 51 / Issue 6

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The RL2 chart versus the np chart for detecting upward shifts in fraction defective 110:Y 601
The random intrinsic fast initial response of one-sided CUSUM charts 110:Y 603
Attribute selection based on rough set theory for electromagnetic interference (EMI) fault diagnosis 112:Y 605
Lot streaming for quality control in two-stage batch production 190:Y 607
A Bayesian analysis of the Deming cost model with normally distributed sampling data 210:Y 611
Acceptance sampling? The enterprise strikes back! AS9100 c = 0 plans: when slogans supplant science 210:Y 613
Adaptive sampling for Bayesian variable selection 210:Y 615
Average outgoing quality of CSP-C continuous sampling plan under short run production processes 220:Y 621
Does weighting for nonresponse increase the variance of survey means? 230:Y 623
Hot deck imputation for the response model 230:Y 627
A Bayesian method of sample size determination with practical applications 240:Y 633
Evolution of quality: First fifty issues of Production and Operations Management 319:Y 635
New standard guides internal and supplier audits 341:Y 637
Organizational learning curves for customer dissatisfaction: Heterogeneity across airlines 350:Z 639
Selection of good populations and related confidence intervals using sample quasi-ranges 511:Y 643
Fuzzy and randomized confidence intervals and P-values 511:Y 649
Confidence intervals for prediction intervals 511:Y 655
Variance estimation with hot deck imputation: A simulation study of three methods 515:Y 659
Identifying need for new factors in EVOP 520:Y 663
A nonparametric procedure for the analysis of balanced crossover designs 529:Y 665
Shape-based retrieval in time-series databases 544:Y 667
Generalized two-sample U-statistics for clustered data 551:Y 669
Detect financial problems with Six Sigma 610:A 673
A model of website quality assessment 650:Z 677
A robust calibration methodology for an on-board diagnostic car system 650:Z 679
Process optimization for the improvement of brake noise: A case study 660:M 681
The relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction: The example CJCU library 670:S 685
Using signed distance and order statistics method for fuzzy evaluation of service quality 670:S 687
Calibration, error analysis and ongoing measurement process monitoring for mass spectrometry 720:Z 689
Competing failure modes in accelerated life testing 820:Y 691
Properties of the Weibull cumulative exposure model 820:Y 693
Reliability functions of generalized log-normal model 820:Y 695
Architecture-based software reliability modeling 850:Y 699
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