QCAS / Volume 51 / Issue 1

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A quality control chart for work performance appraisal 110:A 13
Using CUSUM control schemes for monitoring quality levels in compound Poisson production environment: The geometric Poisson process 110:Y 17
Nonparametric control charts based on Mahalanobis depth 110:Y 21
X-charts versus X/MR chart combinations: IID cases and non-IID cases 111:Y 27
A control chart based on sample median for the detection of a permanent shift in the process mean 111:Y 29
Using statistical thinking and designed experiments to understand process operation 120:Y 33
Average run length and the OC curve of sampling plans 210:Y 35
Stopping-time resampling for sequential Monte Carlo methods 210:Y 39
Accept-reject Metropolis-Hastings sampling and marginal likelihood estimation 210:Y 41
Six Sigma basics 311:Y 43
Organizational dashboards: Steering an organization towards its mission 312:Y 45
Importance and implementation of Baldrige practices for small businesses 343:Y 49
TQM across multiple countries: Convergence hypothesis versus national specificity arguments 410:A 51
The strategic deployment of quality-improving innovations 410:Y 53
Quality management in Pakistan’s readymade garments’ industry 410:Y 55
How are organizational measures really used? 420:Y 57
Disciplinary: A barrier to quality assurance? The UK experience of area studies T 59
Tracking classroom teaching and learning: An SPC applications T 61
Confidence intervals for proportions estimated from complex sample designs 511:Y 63
On the post hoc power in testing mean differences 511:Y 67
Comparing variances and other measures of dispersion 515:Y 69
Design of experiments for dummies 520:Y 75
Optimization of correlated multiple quality characteristics using desirability function 520:Y 77
Response surface designs within a split-plot structure 525:Y 79
Regression analysis of interval-censored failure time data with linear transformation models 540:Y 81
Estimating equation approach for regression analysis of failure time data in the presence of interval-censoring 540:Y 83
Change point problems in the model of logistic regression 549:Y 85
A structural analysis of the impact of quality management practices in purchasing on purchasing and business performance 610:A 87
Linking publicness to operations management practices: A study of quality management practices in hospitals 620:B 89
What do online customers value? 640:Y 93
Effects of quality management and marketing on organizational performance 640:Y 95
Measuring users’ perceived portal service quality: An empirical study 670:A 97
Lean Six Sigma reduces medication errors 670:B 99
Comparing quality of care in non-profit and for-profit nursing homes: A process perspective 690:B 101
An investigation of the measurements systems analysis “analytic method” for attribute gages 710:Y 103
The dark side of process measurement 710:Y 105
Testing whether failure rate changes its trend with unknown change points 820:Y 107
Nonparametric estimation of reliability and survival function for continuous time finite Markov processes 820:Y 109
Reliability assessment and sensitivity analysis of software reliability growth modeling based on software module structure 850:Y 111