QCAS / Volume 51 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
A comparative study of CUSUM and EWMA charts: Detection of incipient drifts in a multivariate framework 110:Y 361
The inertial properties of quality control charts 110:Y 365
A modified S chart for the process variance 110:Y 367
Joint statistical design of double sampling X&#772 and S charts 111:Y 369
Assessing the process capability index for non-normal processes 120:Y 375
Design effects for the weighted mean and total estimators under complex survey sampling 210:Y 381
Progressively censored variables sampling plans for two-parameter exponential distributions 210:Y 385
Dynamic importance sampling in Bayesian networks based on probability trees 210:Y 389
A control scheme for high-yield correlated production under group inspection 230:Y 393
An integrative framework for measuring the extent to which organizational variables influence the success of process improvement programs 329:A 397
Rapid knowledge transfer: The key to success 339:Y 399
Achieving competitive advantage through implementing a replicable management standard: Installing and using ISO 9000 342:A 401
Improve schools with empowerment based models 410:T 403
A note on determining an optimal target by considering the dependence of holding costs and the quality characteristics 440:Y 405
What are quality reputations worth? 440:Y 409
Academic staff views of quality systems for teaching and learning: A Hong Kong case study T 411
Big improvements for small parts 490:M 413
Ranked-set sample nonparametric quantile confidence intervals 511:Y 415
Normalizing unbiased estimating functions 512:Y 417
A recursive approach to detect multivariate conditional variance components and conditional random effects 515:Y 419
A game theory application in robust design 520:Y 421
Construction of a 21-component layered mixture experiment design using a new mixture coordinate-exchange algorithm 529:Y 425
Bias-corrected maximum semiparametric likelihood estimation under logistic regression models based on case-control data 540:Y 427
Finite mixture dynamic regression modeling of panel data with implications for dynamic response analysis 549:Y 429
Noninformative nonparametric quantile estimation for simple random samples 551:Y 433
The power of dynamic illustrations 552:Y 435
Reverse logistics as a means of reducing the cost of quality 620:Y 437
Enhancing care services quality of nursing homes using data mining 670:B 441
Measuring business-to-business professional service quality and its consequences 670:S 445
Managing service quality using data envelopment analysis 670:S 447
How to delight your customers 670:S 451
Perceived retail crowding and shopping satisfaction: The role of shopping values 690:Y 455
The relationship between customer satisfaction and shareholder value 690:Y 459
Developing control measures to reduce variation in weight of packed cement bags 720:M 463
Inference on reliability P(Y < X) in a p-dimensional Rayleigh distribution 820:Y 465
A production model with imperfect preventive maintenance 840:M 467
Development of optimal production, inspection and maintenance strategies with positive inspection time and preventive maintenance error 840:Y 469
Optimal preventive maintenance of a production system with an intermediate buffer 840:Y 471
Quality implication of warranties in a supply chain 860:M 473