QCAS / Volume 49 / Issue 1

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Three-triplet np control charts 110:Y 13
Economic statistical design of X&#772 control charts for systems with gamma (&#955, 2) in-control times 111:Y 17
Process capability optimization 120:Y 21
Statistical process control procedures for controlling the weight of packets of biscuits 190:Y 27
The advantages of continuous measurements over pass/fail data 190:Y 29
Testing the normality assumption in the sample selection model with an application to travel demand 210:Y 31
Two-layer ranked set sampling with concomitant variables 210:Y 37
Bayesian acceptance sampling plans following economic criteria: An application to paper pulp manufacturing 220:Y 39
Reliability sampling plans for the Weibull distribution under Type II progressive censoring with binomial removals 220:Y 45
Stepwise estimators for three-phase sampling of categorical variables 290:Y 47
Six Sigma: A goal-theoretic perspective 310:Y 49
Understanding the obstacles to TQM success 311:Y 51
The measurement of quality management culture in schools: Development and validation of the SQMCS 313:T 53
Linking quality management to manufacturing strategy: An empirical investigation of customer focus practices 319:M 55
Self-assessment application and learning in organizations: A special reference in the ontological dimension 324:A 57
Models for improving team productivity at the Federal Reserve Bank 330:E 59
Quality and university teaching: Juggling competing agendas 331:T 61
The effect of national differences on multinational ERP implementation: An exploratory study 351:M 65
An empirical taxonomy for quality management systems: A study of the Hong Kong electronics industry 410:Y 69
Measuring the quality of university computer labs using SERVQUAL: A longitudinal study 430:Y 73
Confidence intervals in repeatability and reproducibility using the Bootstrap method 511:Y 75
Detection and estimation of abrupt changes in the variability of a process 515:Y 81
Orthogonal arrays for experiments with lean designs 520:Y 87
A comparison of partial least squares regression with other prediction methods 540:Y 89
A statistical assessment of Buchanan’s vote in Palm Beach County 543:Z 91
Measures to evaluate the discrepancy between direct and indirect model-based seasonal adjustment 544:Y 93
What educated citizens should know about statistics and probability 590:Y 97
Using the six-sigma metric to measure and improve the performance of a supply chain 620:A 99
The effects of customer service, branding and price on the perceived value of local telephone service 670:S 103
FMEA – The cure for medical errors 820:B 105
NHPP software reliability and cost models with testing coverage 850:Y 107
A quantitative and qualitative analysis of factors affecting software processes 850:Y 109