QCAS / Volume 49 / Issue 2

Title Cat:App Page
An adaptive exponentially weighted moving average control chart 110:Y 121
Efficient algorithms for economic designs of X&#772 control charts for two manufacturing process models 111:M 125
Capability analysis of complex parts 120:M 127
SPC: From chaos to wiping the floor 190:Y 129
Exactly optimal sampling designs for processes with a product covariance structure 210:Y 131
Poisson mixture sampling combined with order sampling 210:Y 137
Minimum risk, fixed cost sampling designs for independent Poisson processes 220:Y 139
Exactly optimal sampling designs for processes with a product covariance structure 220:Y 143
Optimal calibration estimators under two-phase sampling 240:Y 147
Changing from production to quality: Application of the situational leadership transtheoretical change models 311:M 151
Making hospitals more transparent 319:B 155
DATQUAL: A prototype e-learning application to support quality management practices in service industries 331:S 159
Developing a holistic model for quality in higher education 331:T 161
Team formation: Matching quality supply and quality demand 339:Y 165
Seeing the need for ISO 14001 342:Z 167
A decision support system for solving quality problems using case-based reasoning 390:Y 171
Quality dimensions, capabilities and business strategy: An empirical study in high-tech industry 410:Y 173
The relationship between total quality management practices and their effects on firm performance 440:Y 175
Confidence interval coverage for regression estimators in a uni-phase and two-phase sampling 511:Y 177
Statistical inference for a ratio of dispersions using paired samples 512:Y 181
Using data images for outlier detection 514:Y 185
Analysis of supersaturated designs 520:Y 187
A review and analysis of the Mahalanobis-Taguchi system 520:Y 195
Complete diallel crosses plans through balanced incomplete block designs 522:Y 199
Joint optimization of mean and standard deviation using response service methods 525:Y 201
Regression with response distributions of Pareto-type 540:Y 205
Organizational citizenship behaviors and service quality as external effectiveness of contract employees 670:S 209
Component reliability analysis k-out-of-n systems with censored data 820:Y 213
The trend-renewal process for statistical analysis of repairable systems 820:Y 217
Quality improvement and infrastructure activity costs in software development: A longitudinal analysis 850:Y 221
An empirical comparison and characterization of high defect and high complexity modules 850:Y 225
Assessing the maintenance processes of a software organization: An empirical analysis of a large industrial project 850:Y 227