QCAS / Volume 49 / Issue 5

Title Cat:App Page
Minimum average total inspection of variable lot-size sampling plan for continuous production 110:A 481
A performance analysis of Hotelling’s X2 control chart with supplementary runs rules 110:A 485
Design of multiple cause-selecting charts for multistage processes 110:Y 489
Robust individuals control chart for exploratory analysis 110:Y 495
The run length distribution of the CUSUM with estimated parameters 110:Y 499
Alternatives to the multivariate control chart for process dispersion 111:Y 503
Residual control charts for improving changeover productivity 111:Y 507
Bayesian sampling plans for exponential distribution based on uniform random censored data 111:Y 509
Application of neuro-fuzzy inference for process capability evaluation 120:Y 513
A statistical process control framework for the characterization of variation in batch profiles 130:Y 515
Data quality in statistical process control 190:Y 519
Testing for homogeneity of relative differences under inverse sampling 210:Y 523
Inverse double sampling from mixture populations 210:Y 527
Using system dynamics to illustrate Deming’s system of profound knowledge 310:Y 529
Significance of quality certification: The case of the software industry in India 342:A 533
Quality management practices in Indian ISO 9000 certified companies: An empirical evaluation 342:Y 537
Motivation and efficiency of quality management systems implementation: A study of Lithuanian organizations 410:Y 539
Critical success factors for controlling and managing hospital errors 430:B 541
Quality improvement under budgetary and life-cycle restraints 440:Y 545
John W. Tukey and data analysis 510:Y 549
John Tukey and robustness 510:Y 553
A probability index of the robustness of a causal inference 512:Y 557
Simple pilot procedures for the avoidance of disconnected experimental designs 520:Y 559
Factorial experiments when factor levels are not necessarily reset 520:Y 561
Multiresponse robust design: A general framework based on combined array 529:Y 563
Empiricial study of QS-9000 using principal component analysis and robust regression 540:Y 567
Finite sample properties for the semiparametric estimation of the intercept of a censored regression model 540:Y 571
Knowledge conversion and practical use with information technology in Korean companies 650:Y 573
Quality control in a semi-continuous polymer production process 660:Y 575
Clustering of event sequences for failure root cause analysis 740:Y 583
On the reliability of a two-component series system 820:Y 587
On the application of stochastic models in nuclear power plant maintenance 840:Y 591
Product warranty logistics: Issues and challenges 860:A 595