QCAS / Volume 49 / Issue 6

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Quality loss functions for nonnegative variables and their applications 120:Y 603
Proposal and implementation of the “Science SQC” quality control principle 190:Y 607
An application of adaptive sampling to estimate highly localized population segments 210:Y 609
Optimal sampling for repeated binary measurements 210:Y 611
Estimation with link-tracing sampling design – A Bayesian approach 210:Y 613
Continuous sampling plans for Markov-dependent production processes under limited inspection capacity 220:Y 617
A simultaneous analysis of interviewer effects on various data quality indicators with identification of exceptional interviewers 230:Y 619
Statistical power and optimum sample allocation ratio for treatment and control having unequal costs per unit of randomization 240:B 621
100 years of Juran 300:Y 623
Quality from scratch: A model for small business 310:Y 627
The fallacy of universal best practices 311:Y 631
Quality in the new age and the body of knowledge for quality engineers 313:A 635
Development of a measure to assess quality management in certified firms 313:Y 639
Six Sigma – Strategy for organizational excellence 319:Y 643
Reviewing the reviewers 334:A 645
Quality management using ISO 9000 for price indices in the UK 342:Y 649
ISO 9000: Outside the iron cage 342:Y 653
ISO 9000 performance in Japanese industries 342:Y 655
ISO quality standards for measuring architectures 342:Y 657
TQM as a focus for improving overall service performance and customer satisfaction: An empirical study on a public service sector in Malaysia 410:S 659
An exploratory study on accounting for quality improvement in China 410:Y 661
The impact of country-of-origin cues on consumer perceptions of product quality: A binational test of the decomposed country-of-origin construct 490:Y 665
Hypothesis testing in mixture regression models 511:Y 669
Comparison of two normal populations with restricted means 512:Y 671
The effectiveness of randomized complete block design 522:Y 673
Nonparametric regression analysis of uncertain and imprecise data using belief functions 540:Y 677
Censored generalized Poisson regression model 540:Y 679
Causation or covariation: An empirical re-examination of the link between TQM and financial performance 610:A 681
Assessing customer perceptions of website service quality in digital marketing environments 650:Y 685
A study of the impacts of service quality on relationship quality in search-experience-credence services 670:S 687
The role of selection, orientation and training in improving the quality of public college and university boards of trustees in the United States 690:T 689
Higher education quality assurance organizations in Central and Eastern Europe 690:T 693
Physical distribution service quality in internet retailing: Service pricing, transaction attributes and firm attributes 690:Y 695
Silver pellets for improving software quality 850:Y 697
why software reliability growth modeling should define errors of different severity 850:Y 699
Supporting risks in software project management 850:Y 703
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