OR/MS / Volume 63 / Issue 3-4

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Evaluating disaster operations management: An outcome-process integrated approach Ab:100 171
Do “Made in USA” claims matter? Ab:140 173
The role of organizational cynicism and conscientiousness in the relationship between ethical leadership and deviance Af:100 177
The robot revolution: Managerial and employment consequences for firms Af:100 179
I will survive: Predicting business failures from customer ratings Af:100 181
Trials and terminations: Learning from competitors’ R&D failures Af:170 183
What determines the return to bribery? Evidence from corruption cases worldwide Ag:100 185
The nature of firm growth Ag:100 189
The bullwhip effect in supply networks Ah:100 191
Can brands claim ignorance? Unauthorized subcontracting in apparel supply chains Ah:100 195
Supplying to mom and pop: Traditional retail channel selection in megacities Ah:220 197
Testing at the source: Analytics-enabled risk-based sampling of food supply chains in China Ah:220 201
Three faces of technology’s value creation: Emerging, enabling, embedding Az:000 203
Between home and work: Commuting as an opportunity for role transitions Ba:130 205
A large-scale comparative study of informal social networks in firms Bc:130 209
The psychology of second guesses: Implications for the wisdom of the inner crowd Bc:130 211
Creating exercise habits using incentives: The trade-off between flexibility and routinization Bd:130 213
Team incentives, social cohesion and performance: A natural field experiment Bd:130 217
Human capital-driven acquisition: Evidence from the inevitable disclosure doctrine Be:110 219
The political boundaries of ethnic divisions Bz:270 223
A multi-objective optimization for clearance in Walmart brick-and-mortar stores Cb:100 225
Shopping activity at warehouse club stores and its competitive and network density implications Cc:130 227
Outcome-based pricing for new pharmaceuticals via rebates Cd:220 229
Customer preference and station network in the London bike-share system Cg:250 231
Politically feasible reforms of nonlinear tax systems Db:270 233
The elusive employment effect of the minimum wage Dz:270 235
Social influence undermines the wisdom of the crowd in sequential decision making Ea:100 237
Hierarchical probabilistic forecasting of electricity demand with smart meter data Eb:220 239
Nudging a slow-moving high-margin product in a supply chain with constrained capacity Ed:100 241
Transaction costs, portfolio characteristics and mutual fund performance Ee:110 243
Unwatched pollution: The effect of intermittent monitoring on air quality Eg:240 245
Frontiers: Virus shook the streaming star: Estimating the COVID-19 impact on music consumption Ez:100 247
A dose of managed care: Controlling drug spending in Medicaid Ez:220 249
Stimulating consumption at low budget: Evidence from a large-scale policy experiment amid the COVID-19 pandemic Ez:220 251
Estimating judicial ideology Ez:270 253
The impact of social vs. nonsocial referring channels on online news consumption Fc:100 255
Do digital platforms reduce moral hazard? The case of Uber and taxis Fc:100 257
Social media, news consumption and polarization: Evidence from a field experiment Fc:130 261
A framework for analyzing influencer marketing in social networks: Selection and scheduling of influencers Fc:140 265
The effect of individual online reviews on purchase likelihood Fc:140 269
Reciprocity and unveiling in two-sided reputation systems: Evidence from an experiment on Airbnb Fc:140 271
Frontiers: The impact of ad-blockers on online consumer behavior Fc:140 275
Does the Freedom of Information Act foil the Securities and Exchange Commission’s intent to keep investigations confidential? Fz:230 277
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