OR/MS / Volume 63 / Issue 1-2

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The effect of patent protection on inventor mobility Af:100 11
Product-line design in the presence of consumers’ anticipated regret Af:140 15
Rushed innovation: Evidence from drug licensing Af:220 19
Not in the job description: The commercial activities of academic scientists and engineers Af:220 23
The future of retail operations Ag:100 27
A data-driven supply-side approach for estimating cross-border Internet purchases within the European Union Ah:100 31
Product sourcing and distribution strategies under supply disruption and recall risks Ah:100 35
Production and capacity utilization strategies in supply chains for complex engineered products Ah:100 41
How big-4 firms improve audit quality Az:110 45
When corporate social responsibility backfires: Evidence from a natural field experiment Az:270 49
Why won’t you listen to me? Measuring receptiveness to opposing views Bc:270 53
When will workers follow an algorithm? A field experiment with a retail business Bd:100 59
How stress affects performance and competitiveness across gender Bd:130 63
Task selection and workload: A focus on completing easy tasks hurts performance Bd:130 67
The customer may not always be right: Customer compatibility and service performance Bz:190 71
When transparency fails: Bias and financial incentives in ridesharing platforms Cg:220 75
The last mile matters: Impact of dockless bike sharing on subway housing price premium Cg:230 79
Safer skies over Spain Cg:250 83
Distributions of human exposure to ozone during commuting hours in Connecticut using the cellular device network Db:220 87
Economies of scale and scope in hospitals: An empirical study of volume spillovers Db:220 91
Last-place aversion in queues Dd:130 95
The uncertain value of uncertainty: When consumers are unwilling to pay for what they like Ef:140 99
Consumer return policies in omnichannel operations Fa:120 105
At your service on the table: Impact of tabletop technology on restaurant performance Fa:220 109
Navigating the new era of influencer marketing: How to be successful on Instagram, TikTok & Co. Fc:140 113
The implied truth effect: Attaching warnings to a subset of fake news headlines increases perceived accuracy of headlines without warnings Fc:270 117
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