OR/MS / Volume 63 / Issue 5-6

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Are inventors or firms the engines of innovation? Af:100 341
Performance, reliability or time-to-market? Innovative product development and the impact of government regulation Af:100 345
International taxation and production outsourcing Af:100 347
Adapting to radical change: The benefits of short-horizon investors Ag:230 349
Advertising and quality improving strategies in a supply chain when facing potential crises Ah:100 351
Vertical contracts in a supply chain and the bullwhip effect Ah:100 353
Incentives and emission responsibility allocation in supply chains Ah:100 355
Supply chains and antitrust governance Ah:100 357
Sustainable triple-A supply chains Ah:120 359
Sustainable supply chain Ah:120 361
Multi-stage supply chain with production uncertainty Ah:120 363
Reflections on the evolution of operations management Az:100 365
Behavior-based quality discrimination Bc:130 369
Do customer emotions affect agent speed? An empirical study of emotional load in online customer contact centers Bd:130 371
Service quality using text mining: Measurement and Consequences Bz:190 373
Urban consolidation center or peer-to-peer platform? The solution to urban last-mile delivery Cc:120 375
Optimization: From its inception Cd:000 377
Grocery store density and food waste Cd:120 379
Decision assessment algorithms for location and capacity optimization under resource shortages Cg:100 383
Optimal control of false discovery criteria in the two-group model Cz:100 387
Quantifying the trendiness of trends Db:140 389
Pooled vs. dedicated queues when customers are delay-sensitive Dd:100 391
Interviewer effects and the measurement of financial literacy Dz:110 393
Prior beliefs and ambiguity attitudes in decision from experience Ea:000 395
The Bayesian prophet: A low-regret framework for online decision making Ea:130 399
How digital word-of-mouth affects consumer decision making: Evidence from doctor appointment booking Ea:220 401
Bias, information, noise: The BIN model of forecasting Eb:100 405
Failure and success in political polling and election forecasting Eb:220 407
Net-metered distributed renewable energy: A peril for utilities? Eb:240 411
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a strategic agent in the pediatric vaccine market: An analytical approach Ef:220 413
Does voting by mail increase fraud? Estimating the change in reported voter fraud when states switch to elections by mail Ef:220 417
Quality disclosure under consumer loss aversion Ez:100 421
The wisdom of the crowd when acquiring information is costly Fa:130 423
Does online training work in retail? Fa:130 425
Facilitating the search for partners on matching platforms Fa:210 429
Outsourcing tasks online: Matching supply and demand on peer-to-peer internet platforms Fc:100 431
Loot box pricing and design Fc:140 433
Targeted advertising and consumer inference Fc:140 435
Conflict of interest in third-party reviews: An experimental study Fc:140 439
Network size and content generation on social media platforms Fc:220 443
Content-based model of web search behavior: An application to TV show search Fc:290 445
Disclosure dynamics and investor learning Fz:230 449
“We’ll always have Paris”: Out-of-country buyers in the housing market Z:290 451
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