OR/MS / Volume 55 / Issue 1-2

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The China syndrome: Local labor market effects of import competition in the United States Ae:100 17
Environmental taxes and the choice of green technology Ae:240 21
Coproduct technologies: Product line design and process innovation Af:100 25
Networks, social influence, and the choice among competing innovations: Insights from open source software licenses Af:160 27
A “meta-analysis” of multibrand, multioutlet channel systems Ag:100 31
Transforming new ideas into practice: An activity based perspective on the institutionalization of practices Ag:130 35
Are consumers hesitant to purchase national brands manufactured in other countries? Ag:140 39
An equilibrium model of online shopping supply chain networks with service capacity investment Ah:120 43
The relationship between slack resources and the performance of entrepreneurial firms: The role of venture capital and angel investors Az:110 45
Getting closer at the company party: Integration experiences, racial dissimilarity, and workplace relationships Ba:130 49
An empirical examination of the antecedents and consequences of contribution patterns in crowd-funded markets Bc:110 53
Ingratiation in the workplace: The role of subordinate and supervisor political skill Bc:130 55
The use of video modeling, prompting, and feedback to increase credit card promotion in a retail setting Bc:140 59
Do customers learn from experience? Evidence from retail banking Bc:220 61
Why do I feel valued and why do I contribute? A relational approach to employee’s organization-based self-esteem and job performance Bd:130 65
Repairing breaches with rules: Maintaining institutions in the face of everyday disruptions Bz:130 69
Understanding China’s urban pollution dynamics Bz:270 73
Why do simple heuristics perform well in choices with binary attributes? Cb:000 77
The modern science of multicriteria decision making and its practical applications: The AHP/ANP approach Cb:100 79
Service-oriented line planning and timetabling for passenger trains Cc:250 83
A note on optimal selling to asymmetric retailers Cd:140 87
Optimizing retail assortments Cd:140 91
Optimal policies for reducing unnecessary follow-up mammography exams in breast cancer diagnosis Cd:220 95
A deployed quantal response-based patrol planning system for the US Coast Guard Cd:260 99
Optimizing the assignment of students to classes in an elementary school Cg:220 103
Automated bed assignments in a complex and dynamic hospital environment Cg:220 107
Adaptive path relinking for vehicle routing and scheduling problems with product returns Cg:250 109
The bipartite rationing problem Cz:000 111
Conspicuous consumption and dynamic pricing Da:140 113
The dynamic advertising effect of collegiate athletics Db:140 117
Capability hierarchy in electronic procurement and procurement process performance: An empirical analysis Dz:100 119
A specialty steel bar company uses analytics to determine available-to-promise dates Eb:150 123
On the performance of the U.S. transportation system: Caution ahead Eb:250 127
Modeling and estimation of multi-source clustering in crime and security data Ee:220 131
Deal or no deal: A spreadsheet game to introduce decision making under uncertainty Ef:000 133
Effects of risk aversion on the value of information in two-action decision problems Ef:000 135
The retail planning problem under demand uncertainty Ef:140 139
The autonomy paradox: The implications of mobile email devices for knowledge professionals Fa:100 141
Promotional marketing or word-of-mouth? Evidence from online restaurant reviews Fc:140 145
Status locality on the Web: Implications for building focused collections Fc:160 149
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