OR/MS / Volume 55 / Issue 5-6

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The effect of performance measurement systems on firm performance: A cross-sectional and a longitudinal study Aa:100 431
Lean manufacturing and firm performance: The incremental contribution of lean management accounting practices Aa:110 435
Donating money to get money: The role of corporate philanthropy in stakeholder reactions to IPOs Af:110 439
Insight into weak enforcement of intellectual property rights in China Ag:100 443
Outsourcing to suppliers with unknown capabilities Ah:100 445
How should process capabilities be combined to leverage supplier relationships competitively? Ah:100 447
Justice served: Mitigating damaged trust stemming from supply chain disruptions Ah:100 451
Open collaboration for innovation: Principles and performance Bc:130 455
Glamorizing rampage online: School shooting fan communities on YouTube Bc:160 459
Socio-cultural acceptance of appropriate technology: Identifying and prioritizing barriers for widespread use of urine diversion toilets in rural Muslim communities of Bangladesh Bc:240 463
Going underground: Bootlegging and individual innovative performance Bd:130 465
Managing perplexity: Lessons from inside the Romanian business culture Bd:130 469
Dreaming of flying when grounded: Occupational identity and occupational fantasies of furloughed airline pilots Bd:130 471
Does social proximity enhance business partnerships? Theory and evidence from ethnicity’s role in U.S. venture capital Bz:100 473
Network data envelopment analysis: A review Cb:000 477
Production scheduling at Falcon Die Casting: A comprehensive example on the application of linear programming and its extensions Cb:100 481
Use of DEA cross-efficiency evaluation in portfolio selection: An application to Korean stock market Cb:110 483
Master surgery scheduling with consideration of multiple downstream units Cc:220 485
Sequencing and scheduling appointments with potential call-in patients Cc:220 489
Operational aircraft maintenance routing problem with remaining time consideration Cc:250 493
Improving the robustness in railway station areas Cc:250 495
Adjusting a railway timetable in case of partial or complete blockades Cc:250 497
The electric vehicle-routing problem with time windows and recharging stations Cc:250 501
A unified ant colony optimization algorithm for continuous optimization Cd:100 505
SPRINT: Optimization of staff management for desk customer relations services at Hera Cd:130 509
Mulitiobjective shortest path problems with lexicographic goal-based preferences Ce:000 513
The assortment packing problem: Multiperiod assortment planning for short-lived products Cg:100 515
New mixed integer-programming model for the pickup-and-delivery problem with transshipment Cg:250 519
Supporting new product or service introductions: Location, marketing and word of mouth Cz:140 523
Exact and heuristic methods for placing ships in locks Db:250 525
Equilibrium in queues under unknown service times and service value Dd:150 529
Clickstream data and inventory management: Model and empirical analysis Dd:150 531
Does quality matter for innovations in low income markets? The case of the Kenyan mobile phone sector Dz:140 533
Joint optimization of spare parts ordering and maintenance policies for multiple identical items subject to silent failures Ed:150 537
End-of-life inventory problem with phaseout returns Ed:150 539
Spare parts management: Linking distributional assumptions to demand classification Ed:150 543
Relief inventory modeling with stochastic lead-time and demand Ed:150 547
Inventory management in humanitarian operations: Impact of amount, schedule, and uncertainty in funding Ed:220 549
Forecasting the demand for electric vehicles: Accounting for attitudes and perceptions Ed:250 553
Should event organizers prevent resale of tickets? Ef:140 555
Theorizing sustainability in a post-Concorde world Ez:100 559
Cost-per-click pricing for display advertising Fc:130 561
A dynamic code coverage approach to maximize fault localization efficiency Fe:160 565
Combining mutation and fault location for automated program debugging Fe:160 567
Product life-cycle management of packaged software Fe:160 569
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