OR/MS / Volume 55 / Issue 4

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When do spinouts enhance parent firm performance? Evidence from the U.S. automobile industry, 1890-1986 Ac:100 309
Enterprise optimization Ac:110 313
From hot cakes to cold feet: A contingent perspective on the relationship between market uncertainty and status homophily in the formation of alliances Af:100 315
Placing strategy discourse in context: Sociomateriality, sensemaking and power Af:100 319
Competing in advanced manufacturing: The need for improved growth models and policies Af:150 321
Interpreting supply chain dynamics: A quasi-chaos perspective Ah:100 325
Order stability in supply chains: Coordination risk and the role of coordination stock Ah:100 327
Dell’s channel transformation: Leveraging operations research to unleash potential across the value chain Az:140 331
The impact of guanxi on ethical perceptions: The case of Taiwanese salespeople Az:140 335
The state of military O. R. Az:260 337
Status inertia and member replacement in role-differentiated teams Bc:130 339
Consumer stockpiling and competitive promotional strategies Bc:150 343
Making the most of the revolving door: The impact of outward personnel mobility networks on organizational creativity Bd:130 347
Ambition Is nothing without focus: Compensating for negative transfer of experience in R&D Bd:170 351
Order acceptance and scheduling with machine availability constraints Cc:150 353
Extraction and backfill scheduling in a complex underground mine Cc:290 355
Using strategic idleness to improve customer service experience in service networks Cd:140 357
Improving health outcomes through better capacity allocation in a community-based chronic care model Cd:220 359
Budget-optimal task allocation for reliable crowdsourcing systems Cz:000 363
Many-server heavy-traffic limit for queues with time-varying parameters Dd:000 365
Price competition with consumer confusion Dz:140 369
Site-shifting as the source of ambidexterity: Empirical insights from the field of ticketing Ea:100 373
Optimal pricing, production and inventory for new product diffusion under supply constraints Ed:100 377
Coordinating inventory control and pricing strategies under batch ordering Ed:150 381
Estimating the historical and future probabilities of large terrorist events Ee:270 383
Risk shocks Ef:130 385
Optimal uniform pricing strategy of a service firm when facing two classes of customers Ez:140 387
Economically efficient standards to protect the Netherlands against flooding Ez:270 389
Sales taxes and internet commerce Fc:110 393
A reliability model for service component architectures Fe:160 397
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