OR/MS / Volume 55 / Issue 3

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Vertical integration under competition: Forward, backward, or no integration? Ac:100 187
Autonomy or control? Organizational architecture and corporate attention to stakeholders Ac:100 191
Drift and adjustment in organizational rule compliance: Explaining the “regulatory pendulum” in financial markets Ae:110 195
Socio-cultural origins of the patterns of technological innovation: What is the likely interaction among religious culture, religious plurality and innovation? Towards a theory of socio-cultural drivers of the patterns of technological innovation Af:100 199
The double edge of ambiguity in strategic planning Af:100 201
Innovation regimes based on collaborative and global tinkering: Synthetic biology and nanotechnology in the hackerspaces Af:170 205
Aligning company and dealer perspectives in corporate branding: Implications for dealer satisfaction and commitment Ah:100 207
Quantitative models for sustainable supply chain management: Developments and directions Ah:100 211
A typology for service supply chains and its implications for strategic decisions Ah:100 215
The service revolution and the transformation of marketing science Az:140 217
Emotional dynamics and strategizing processes: A study of strategic conversations in top team meetings Bc:130 219
Authenticity and consumer value ratings: Empirical tests from the restaurant domain Bc:140 221
Great, Madama Butterfly again! How robust market identity shapes opera repertoires Bc:220 225
Contracts, negotiation and learning: An examination of termination provisions Bd:130 229
The appointment scheduling game Cc:000 233
Power aware scheduling algorithm for sporadic tasks in real-time systems Cc:160 235
Models and algorithms for the integrated planning of bin allocation and vehicle routing in solid waste management Cc:220 237
Kroger uses simulation-optimization to improve pharmacy inventory management Cd:120 241
Does higher transparency lead to more search in online auctions? Ce:000 243
Speed–quality trade-offs in a dynamic model Db:000 245
Interactive knowledge exchanges under complex social relations: A simulation model of a developing country cluster De:130 249
Modeling influenza pandemic and planning food distribution Dz:220 253
Awarding price, contract performance, and bids screening: Evidence from procurement auctions Ea:110 257
Predicting retailer orders with POS and order data: The inventory balance effect Ed:150 261
Formulations and branch-and-cut algorithms for multivehicle production and inventory routing problems Ed:150 263
Sun safety among farmers and farmworkers: A review Ef:220 267
Incentives’ effect in influenza vaccination policy Ez:220 269
User-generated content and bias in news media Fa:220 273
Assessing the reliability, validity and acceptance of a classification scheme of usability problems (CUP) Fe:160 277
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