OR/MS / Volume 53 / Issue 5-6

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Can brand extension signal product quality? Ab:140 431
The effects of Six Sigma on corporate performance: An empirical investigation Ab:140 433
A stupidity-based theory of organizations Ac:100 435
Organizational economics of capability and heterogeneity Ac:110 439
Dynamics of performing and remembering organizational routines Af:100 441
Complementary drivers of new product development performance: Cross-functional coordination, information system capability, and intelligence quality Af:170 445
Microfoundations of routines and capabilities: Individuals, processes and structure Ag:100 449
Labor market outcomes and reforms in China Ag:120 451
The end of cheap Chinese labor Ag:130 453
Does movement of inventors between companies affect their productivity? Ag:130 455
High performance work systems and psychological contract violations Ag:130 457
Driving forces of technological change in medicine: Radical Innovations induced by side effects and their impact on society and healthcare Ag:220 459
A multi-supplier sourcing problem with a preference ordering of suppliers Ah:100 461
Fee-for-service contracts in pharmaceutical distribution supply chains: Design, analysis and management Ah:110 463
Lessons learned from 15 years of operations research for French TV channel TF1 Az:220 465
Consumer mental accounts and implications to selling base products and add-ons Bc:140 467
An empirical study of word-of-mouth generation and consumption Bc:140 471
The behavioralist visits the factory: Increasing productivity using simple framing manipulations Bc:150 475
The impact of health service provider agreeableness on care quality variation Bc:220 479
Hierarchies and the survival of prisoners of war during World War II Bc:260 481
Examining the stability and variability of routine performances: The effects of experience and context change Bd:130 485
Observer error when measuring safety-related behavior: Momentary time sampling versus whole-interval recording Bd:130 489
A goal-setting and feedback intervention to increase ID- checking behavior: An assessment of social validity and behavioral impact Bf:130 491
Longer-term impacts of mentoring, educational services, and learning incentives: Evidence from a randomized trial in the United States Bf:220 493
The effects of safety discrimination training and frequent safety observations on safety related behavior Bz:130 495
Product line design and scheduling at Intel Cc:150 497
Appointment scheduling under patient no-shows and service interruptions Cc:220 499
Optimizing intensive care unit discharge decisions with patient readmissions Cd:220 503
Physician workload and hospital reimbursement: Overworked physicians generate less revenue per patient Cd:220 507
Empirical investigation of retail expansion and cannibalization in a dynamic environment Db:110 511
Modeling bounded rationality in capacity allocation games with the quantal response equilibrium Dc:000 515
A Markov decision model for at-risk schools in the United States under “No Child Left Behind” Ea:220 519
A sales forecast model for short-life-cycle products: New releases at Blockbuster Eb:140 521
Appointment overbooking in health care clinics to improve patient service and clinic performance Eb:220 523
Optimality of myopic policies for dynamic lot-sizing problems in serial production lines with random yields and autoregressive demand Ed:150 527
Gray markets, A product of demand uncertainty and excess inventory Ed:150 529
End-of-life inventory decisions for consumer electronics service parts Ed:150 531
Fleet renewal with electric vehicles at La Poste Ed:250 533
Risk preferences are not time preferences Ef:000 535
Self-fulfilling risk panics Ef:130 537
The L’Aquila earthquake: Science or risk on trial? Ef:270 539
On the unique features of post-disaster humanitarian logistics Ez:120 541
A mathematical framework for data quality management in enterprise systems Fa:160 545
Percolation-based routing in the Internet Fc:000 549
Privacy and the emergence of the “ubiquitous computing society”: The struggle over the meaning of “privacy” in the case of the Apple location tracking scandal Fc:100 551
What motivates people to purchase digital items on virtual community websites? The desire for online self-presentation Fc:100 553
A typology of people-environment relationships in the digital age Fc:130 555
Competition and coordination in online marketplaces Fc:140 557
Testing models of consumer search using data on web browsing and purchasing behavior Fc:140 561
A multi-level investigation of information technology outsourcing Fd:110 563
Information systems strategy: Past, present, future? Fd:160 565
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