OR/MS / Volume 53 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
How did China take off? Ab:100 309
Before identity: The emergence of new organizational forms Af:100 313
Operational compliance levers, environmental performance, and firm performance under cap and trade regulation Af:240 315
Home sweet home: Entrepreneurs’ location choices and the performance of their ventures Ag:120 317
Managing opportunistic supplier product adulteration: Deferred payments, inspection, and combined mechanisms Ah:110 319
The logistics capabilities scale for logistics service providers Ah:120 323
Social sharing of information goods: Implications for pricing and profits Bc:110 325
Resisters at work: Generating productive resistance in the workplace Bc:130 327
Advance selling when consumers regret Bc:140 329
Early sales of seasonal products with weather-conditional rebates Bc:140 331
The division of gains from complementarities in human- capital-intensive activity Bd:130 335
How golden parachutes unfolded: Diffusion and variation of a controversial practice Be:130 337
Asymmetric effects of fashions on the formation and dissolution of Networks: Board interlocks with internet companies, 1996–2006 Bz:110 339
Improving envelopment in data envelopment analysis under variable returns to scale Cb:100 341
Improving workforce scheduling of aircraft line maintenance at Sabena Technics Cc:250 345
Competitive facility location and design with reactions of competitors already in the market Cd:120 347
Optimal advertising control policy for a new product with dynamic potential adopter population in segmented market Cd:140 349
Optimizing the design of a wind farm collection network Cd:240 351
Ranking games and gambling: When to quit when you’re ahead Dc:000 353
First in line waiting times as a tool for analysing queueing systems Dd:000 355
Assessing the effectiveness of a natural cellular material used as safety padding material in motorcycle helmets De:220 357
Toward a theory of coordinating: Creating coordinating mechanisms in practice Dz:100 359
When to “fire” customers: Customer cost-based pricing Ea:100 363
Shunting yard operations: Theoretical aspects and applications Ea:120 365
A universal appointment rule in the presence of no-shows and walk-ins Eb:100 369
The impact of dependent service times on large-scale service systems Eb:100 373
Optimal inventory control for deteriorative goods considering delays of deliveries Ed:150 377
Measuring the efficiency of highway maintenance contracting strategies: A bootstrapped non-parametric meta-frontier approach Ee:250 379
The customer consequences of returns in online retailing: An empirical analysis Ef:100 383
Digital innovation and the division of innovative labor: Digital controls in the automotive industry Fa:100 387
Elephant and Samurai: Differences between Indian and Japanese supply chain management Fa:160 389
Report from the field: The impact of wireless technology on loading trucks at an auto parts distribution center Fa:250 391
The economics of spam Fc:160 393
Malware characteristics and threats on the internet ecosystem Fe:160 397