OR/MS / Volume 53 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
What firms make vs. what they know: How firms’ production and knowledge boundaries affect competitive advantage in the face of technological change Ac:100 187
Key factors in the market for remanufactured products Af:140 189
Capital is not enough: Innovation in developing economics Af:270 191
Reproducing knowledge: Inaccurate replication and failure in franchise organizations Ag:100 195
Learning, imitation, and the use of knowledge: A comparison of markets, hierarchies, and teams Ag:130 197
Are internal manufacturing and external supply chain flexibilities complementary capabilities Ah:150 199
Consumption externality and yield uncertainty in the influenza vaccine supply chain: Interventions in demand and supply sides Ah:220 203
Information transmission and the bullwhip effect: An empirical investigation Bc:000 205
Modeling the influence of trust on work team performance Bc:130 207
Transcending knowledge differences in cross-functional teams Bc:130 211
Consumer learning of new binary attribute importance accounting for priors, bias, and order affects Bc:140 215
Quantifying managerial ability: A new measure and validity tests Bd:130 219
Public opinion and executive compensation Bz:130 221
A generic algorithm for solving fuzzy shortest path problems with fuzzy mixed arc lengths Ca:000 223
The Court of Appeals of Virginia uses integer programming and cloud computing to schedule sessions Cb:220 225
The vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands and split deliveries Cc:120 229
Optimizing reliability and service parts logistics for time varying installed base Cd:120 233
Optimal algorithms for assortment selection under ranking-based consumer choice models Cd:140 237
Dynamic functional prediction and classification, with application to traffic flow prediction Cg:250 239
Are reservations recommended? Dd:100 243
On the computational complexity of peer-to-peer satellite refueling strategies Df:250 245
Resource allocation for homeland defense: Dealing with the team effect Ea:260 247
Enhancing effects of manufacturing flexibility through operational absorptive capacity and operational ambidexterity Ed:150 249
Technology adoption with uncertain future costs and quality Ef:160 251
A large US retailer selects transportation carriers under diesel price uncertainty Ef:250 253
Improving airline revenues with variable opaque products: “Blind booking” at Germanwings Ez 255
Digital science and knowledge boundaries in complex innovation Fa:000 257
Reconfiguring boundary relations: Robotic innovations in pharmacy work Fa:220 259
How does social software change knowledge management? Toward a strategic research agenda Fd:130 261
Informing strategic IS change: Towards a ‘meta-learning’ framework Fe:160 265
A longitudinal study of an emerging software ecosystem: Implications for practice and theory Fe:160 269