OR/MS / Volume 50 / Issue 5-6

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Supply chain strategy, product characteristics, and performance impact: Evidence from Chinese manufacturers Ab:150 429
So what if remanufacturing cannibalizes my new product sales? Af:140 433
Offshore remanufacturing with variable used product condition Af:150 437
Capability, quality, and performance of offshore IS vendors: A theoretical framework and empirical investigation Af:160 441
Understanding antecedents of new product development speed: A meta-analysis Af:170 445
Strategies or addressing the nursing shortage: Coordinated decision making and workforce flexibility Af:220 449
Knowledge life cycle, knowledge inventory and knowledge acquisition strategies Ag:100 451
The impact of illegal peer-to-peer file sharing on the media industry Ag:140 455
The impact of supply chain integration on performance: A contingency and configuration approach Ah:100 459
Co-opetition and investment for supply-chain resilience Ah:100 463
Concentrated supply chain membership and financial performance: Chain- and firm-level perspectives Ah:110 465
Supply chain sourcing in remanufacturing operations: An empirical investigation of remake versus buy Ah:140 467
The ‘invisible science’: Operational research for the British Armed Forces after 1945 Az:260 471
Absenteeism in undergraduate business education: A proposed model and exploratory investigation Bd:220 475
Organizational learning from extreme performance experience: The impact of success and recovery experience Bf:100 479
Data envelopment analysis, operational research and uncertainty Cb:000 483
A concise guide to the travelling salesman problem Cc:000 487
Comparison of policies in dynamic routing problems Cc:000 489
Integrated order scheduling and packing Cc:150 491
Scheduling ambulance crews for maximum coverage Cc:220 495
Scheduling truck arrivals at an air cargo terminal Cc:250 497
Vehicle routing and scheduling with time-varying data: A case study Cc:250 501
Optimal dynamic pricing of perishable items by a monopolist facing strategic consumers Cd:100 505
Optimal pricing and production planning for subscription-based products Cd:110 509
Optimal acquisition quantities in remanufacturing with condition uncertainty Cd:150 513
Optimization of container process at seaport terminals Cd:250 517
Measuring brand equity in the car market: A hedonic price analysis Db:220 519
The challenge of optimizing expensive black boxes: A scatter search/rough set theory approach Dc:190 523
Waiting list behaviour and the consequences for NHS targets Dd:220 525
Incentive and production decisions for remanufacturing operations Dz:150 527
Green retailing: Factors for success Dz:150 529
A new index of credit worthiness for retail credit products Dz:230 533
Locating facilities in the presence of disruptions and incomplete information Ea:120 535
Nonparametric retrospection and monitoring of predictability of financial returns Eb:110 537
The differential impact of product complexity, inventory level, and configuration capacity on unit and order fill rate performance Ed:150 539
An approach for solving the lot-sizing problem of a market-driven foundry Ed:150 543
Moving right along Ed:150 547
Managing multiple facets of risk in new product alliances Ef:100 549
Optimal reserve prices in name-your-own-price auctions with bidding and channel options Ef:100 553
The Influence of forward-looking antecedents, uncertainty and anticipatory emotions on project escalation Ef:100 557
Buyer perceptions of supply disruption risk: A behavioral view and empirical assessment Ef:130 561
Credit rating prediction using ant colony optimization Ef:220 565
Electricity pool prices: Long-term uncertainty characterization for futures-market trading and risk management Ef:240 567
Misplaced inventory and radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology: Information and coordination Fa:100 569
The impact of information technology on the banking industry Fa:220 573
Defence and attack of systems with variable attacker system structure detection probability Fd:160 575
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