OR/MS / Volume 50 / Issue 1-2

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The relation of requirement uncertainty and stakeholder perception gaps to project management performance Ad:100 19
The quality of group tacit knowledge Af:130 23
Study on the management of brain drain Af:130 25
Dynamics of new product introduction in closed rental systems Af:140 27
Signaling quality through specialization Af:140 29
The politics of airplane production: The emergence of two technological frames in the competition between Boeing and Airbus Af:250 31
Why defeating insurgencies is hard: The effect of intelligence In counterinsurgency operations – A best-case scenario Af:260 35
Dynamic capabilities through continuous improvement infrastructure Ag:140 37
Facility location and supply chain management – A review Ah:120 39
New product development through multifunctional teamwork: An analysis of development process towards quality excellence Bc:140 41
A qualitative study of high-reputation plant managers: Political skill and successful outcomes Bd:100 43
Psychosocial system for work well-being: On measuring work stress by casual pathway Bd:130 45
The symbiosis mechanism for effective knowledge transfer Bf:130 47
An effective two-finger, two-stage biometric strategy for the US-VISIT program Bz:270 49
The efficient use of enterprise information for strategic advantage: A data envelopment analysis Cb:100 51
Fuzzy multi-objective programming for supplier selection and risk modeling: A possibility approach Cb:100 55
Cost efficiency measures in data envelopment analysis with data uncertainty Cb:110 59
A multicriteria model for risk sorting of natural gas pipelines based on ELECTRE TRI integrating utility theory Cb:240 61
Towards optimal life cycle management in a road maintenance setting using DEA Cb:250 65
The Indian auto component industry – Estimation of operational efficiency and its determinants using DEA Cb:250 67
Incremental network optimization: Theory and algorithms Cc:000 69
Performance evaluation of distribution strategies for the inventory routing problem Cc:000 71
A new approximative algorithm for the expansion problem of 3G networks Cc:120 75
Selfish drug allocation for containing an international influenza pandemic at the onset Cc:220 77
Large-scale, less-than-truckload service network design Cc:250 79
Using a TSP heuristic for routing order pickers in warehouses Cc:250 81
A location analysis for military maintenance scheduling with geographically dispersed service areas Cc:260 85
Optimal capacity overbooking for the regular treatment of chronic conditions Cd:220 87
An adaptive memory methodology for the vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pick-ups and deliveries Cg:250 89
The school bus routing problem: A review Cg:250 93
Mass customization vs. mass production: Variety and price competition Cz:150 97
Catch-up scheduling for childhood vaccination Cz:220 99
Toward robust revenue management: Competitive analysis of online booking Db:110 101
Staffing many-server queues with impatient customers: Constraint satisfaction in call centers Dd:130 103
Simulation of alternative approaches to relieving congestion at locks in a river transportation system De:000 105
Towards integration of biological, psychological and social aspects in agent–based simulation of violent offenders De:290 107
Conflict resolution in the scheduling of television commercials Dz:000 109
Homeland security: From mathematical models to policy implementation: The 2008 Philip McCord Morse lecture Dz:270 111
A methodology for analyzing decision networks, based on information theory Ea:000 113
A modified fuzzy clustering for documents retrieval: Application to document categorization Ec:160 117
RFID and item-level information visibility Ed:100 119
Optimal production run length and warranty period setting for the imperfect production system Ed:150 121
The determination of economic production run length and manufacturing target by considering quality loss function Ed:150 123
RFQ auctions with supplier qualification screening Ef:120 125
Uncertainty, information acquisition, and technology adoption Ef:160 127
A contingent view of e-collaboration and performance in manufacturing Fa:150 129
Using wikis to support the net generation in improving knowledge acquisition in capstone projects Fc:000 131
Research on the relationship among children’s personality traits, learning attitudes and internet addiction Fc:130 133
The role of quality in e-procurement performance: An empirical analysis Fd:000 135
Predicating of defects in software developing process Fe:160 139
Alleviating piracy through open source strategy: An exploratory study of business software firms in China Fe:160 143
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