OR/MS / Volume 50 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
An empirical analysis of scarcity strategies in the automobile industry Af:100 307
Mathematical programming models for supply chain production and transport planning Ah:100 309
Quality investment and inspection policy in a supplier-manufacturer supply chain Ah:150 313
Self-control and optimal goals: A theoretical analysis Bc:140 317
Multivariate optimization for procurement of emergency services equipment – Teams of the best or best of teams? Bc:220 321
Effects of animations in learning – A cognitive fit perspective Bf:000 323
Introducing the localized genetic algorithm for small scale capacitated vehicle routing problems Ca:250 327
Agricultural sustainable management: A normative approach based on goal programming Cb:000 331
A novel hybrid quantum–inspired evolutionary algorithm for permutation flow-shop scheduling Cc:150 335
Route design for delivery of voting machines in Hamilton County, Ohio Cc:220 337
Evolutionary algorithms for vehicle routing Cc:250 341
Optimization of order policies in supply networks Cd:100 347
Applying ant system for solving unequal area facility layout problems Cd:120 351
Optimum service capacity and demand management with price incentives Cz:100 353
Applications of renewal theory to call handover counting and dynamic location management in cellular mobile networks Cz:210 357
Queues with service speed adaptations Dd:100 361
Deux Chemicals Inc. goes just-in-time Dd:150 363
Introducing Iso-Tiler 3D: A 3D tiling visualize Dz:000 367
Using back propagation network algorithms with joint purchase techniques to make profits in a leisure farming project Dz:220 369
Sustainable vegetable crop supply problem Dz:290 371
Decision analysis and the principal–agent problem Ea:000 375
Towards a single European sky Ea:250 379
Logistics network design for product recovery in fuzzy environment Ec:100 383
Correcting heterogeneous and biased forecast error at Intel for supply chain optimization Ee:000 387
Multivariate meta-analysis: The effect of ignoring within-study correlation Ez:000 391
Ford uses OR to make urgent sourcing decisions in a distressed supplier environment Fa:100 395
Applying Stabell and Fjelstad’s value configurations to E-commerce: A cross-case analysis of UK comparison websites Fc:100 399
Detecting artifact anomalies in business process specifications with a formal model Fe:160 403
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