OR/MS / Volume 50 / Issue 3

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The role of advocacy organizations in reducing negative externalities Ae:100 185
Evaluating buyer-supplier relationship-performance spirals: A longitudinal study Ah:100 187
Product line pricing in a supply chain Ah:110 191
Measuring people’s trust Bc:130 195
Ambiguity aversion and the preference for established brands Bc:140 199
Dynamic customer management and the value of one-to-one marketing Bc:140 201
Push versus pull and mass customization: A Lego inukshuk demonstration Bf:150 205
Robustness and information levels in case-based multiple criteria sorting Cb:000 209
DEA game cross-efficiency approach to Olympic rankings Cb:220 215
An investigation into the relationship between size and efficiency of the Italian hospitality sector: A window DEA approach Cb:220 217
The hybrid flow shop scheduling problem Cc:150 221
A branch-and-price algorithm for scheduling sport leagues Cc:220 225
A survey of berth allocation and quay crane scheduling problems in container terminals Cc:250 227
Vehicle routing problems with alternative paths: An application to on-demand transportation Cg:250 231
Constructing global business networks in China Cz:100 235
Using MSRP to enhance the ability of rebates to control distribution channels Db:140 239
ASP, the art and science of practice: Tales from the front: Case studies indicate the potential pitfalls of misapplication of lean improvement programs Dd:150 243
Heuristics for container loading of furniture Df:290 245
Modeling and optimizing the public-health infrastructure for emergency response Dz:220 249
OR and language planning: Modeling the interaction between unilingual and bilingual populations Dz:290 253
A decision analysis approach to solving the signaling game Ea:000 257
An integrated outbound logistics model for Frito-Lay: Coordinating aggregate-level production and distribution decisions Ea:120 261
Managing inventory in supply chains with nonstationary demand Ed:100 265
Measuring how risk tradeoffs adjust with income Ef:110 269
Predicting a house’s selling price through inflating its previous selling price Ef:290 273
A tabu search algorithm for the training of neural networks Fb:000 275
An empirical analysis of search engine advertising: Sponsored search in electronic markets Fc:000 279
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