OR/MS / Volume 47 / Issue 5

Title Cat:App Page
Designing teams for speedy product development: The moderating effect of technological complexity Ab:170 481
Corporate reputation and social performance: The importance of fit Ac:100 485
Customer orientation, conflict and innovativeness in Japanese sales departments Af:130 489
Strategic planning of BMW’s global production network Af:140 493
Making design rules: A multidomain perspective Ag:100 499
Merging brands after mergers Ag:100 501
Closed-loop supply chains in process industries: An empirical study of producer re-use issues Ah:100 503
Information sharing to improve retail product freshness of perishables Ah:150 505
Supply chain scheduling: Distribution systems Ah:150 511
Elkem uses optimization in redesigning its supply chain Ah:150 513
Charting the development of emotion recognition from 6 years of age Ba:130 519
Knowledge gathering, team capabilities and project performance in challenging work environments Bc:130 521
Beyond self-interest revisited Bc:130 523
A cognitive model of CEO dismissal: Understanding the influence of board perceptions, attributions and efficacy beliefs Bd:130 527
Dynamic mechanism design for online commerce Cb:160 529
Design and control of a large call center: Asymptotic analysis of an LP-based method Cb:210 531
Worst-case analysis for split delivery vehicle routing problems Cc:000 535
Self-organization of surface transportation networks Cc:000 539
Heuristic algorithms for visiting the customers in a rolling schedule environment Cc:120 543
Vehicle routing concepts in the closed-loop container network of ARN – a case study Cc:250 547
Improving customer service operations at Amazon.com Cd:130 551
Applications of chaos theory for mitigating risks in telecommunication systems planning in global competitive market Da:250 553
Inventory evaluation and product slate management in large-scale continuous process industries Dd:150 555
Managing short life-cycle technology products for Agere Systems Eb:140 557
Caterpillar’s building construction products division improves and stabilizes product availability Ed:150 563
Data mining in electronic commerce Ee:160 567
Contingent portfolio programming for the management of risky projects Ef:170 569
A neural network-based approach for statistical probability distribution recognition Fb:000 571
Demographics and behavior of internet users in China Fc:130 573
Conceptualizing systems for understanding: An empirical test of decomposition principles in object-oriented analysis Fe:000 577
Accessing embedded program in untestable mobile environment: Experience of a trustworthiness approach Fe:160 581
An adaptive load balancer for multiprocessor routers Fe:160 585
Anticipating the futures of nanotechnology: Visionary images as means of communication Fz:000 587