OR/MS / Volume 47 / Issue 3

Title Cat:App Page
Preadaptation, firm heterogeneity and technology performance: A study on the evolution of fiber optics, 1970-1995 Af:140 241
When is contracting preferable to employment? An exploration of management and worker perspectives Af:130 243
A prompting procedure for increasing sales in a small pet store Af:130 245
Consumption flexibility, product configuration and market competition Af:140 247
The idiosyncrasy and dynamism of technological innovation across industries: patent citation analysis Af:170 251
Up or out – or stay put? Product positioning in an evolving technology environment Af:170 255
Identities, genres and organizational forms Ag:100 257
Leader locations, cooperation and coordination in serial supply chains Ah:150 259
Management half-truths and nonsense: How to practice evidence-based management Az 265
Statistical analysis of factors affecting high school students’ ethics in Lamphun province (Thailand) Bc:130 269
The impact of perceived corporate social responsibility on consumer behavior Bc:140 273
Attention as the mediator between top management team characteristics and strategic change: The case of airline deregulation Bd:100 275
Gender-specific genetic algorithms Ca:000 279
The application of linear programming technologies to the optimization of conflict problems Cb:000 281
Using integer programming to solve the machine scheduling problem with a flexible maintenance activity Cb:150 283
How big is too big? Trading off the economics of scale of larger telecommunications network elements against the risk of larger outages Cc:110 287
Simulation and performance evaluation of a public safety wireless network: Case study Cc:220 291
Scalability of an ad hoc on-demand routing protocol in very large-scale mobile wireless networks Cc:250 293
Solving real-life locomotive-scheduling problems Cc:250 297
Schedule recovery: Unplanned absences in service operations Cd:130 299
The impact of mass customization on manufacturing trade-offs Cz:140 301
Modeling adaptive dynamical systems to analyze eating regulation disorders Da:220 305
Behavioral causes of the bullwhip effect and the observed value of inventory information Dd:100 307
a new algorithm for optimally determining lot-sizing policies for a deteriorating item in an integrated production-inventory system Dd:150 309
The integral decision on production/remanufacturing technology and investment time in product recovery Dd:150 311
RINSE: The Real-Time Immersive Network Simulation Environment for network security exercises (extended version) De:160 313
Greedy multiprocessor server scheduling Dz:150 319
A spatial economic analysis of urban land use and obesity Dz:220 321
Improving preference assessment: Limiting the effect of context through pre-exposure to attribute levels Ea:000 325
Applying fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making to evaluating the control and coordination mechanisms of MNCs Ec:000 327
Manufacturing lead time estimation using data mining Ee:150 329
Modelling corporate wireless security and privacy Fa:160 333
Knowledge communities and knowledge collectivities: A typology of knowledge work in groups Fa:160 337
Personal innovativeness, social influences and adoption of wireless Internet services via mobile technology Fc:160 341
A theoretical approach to Web design in E-commerce: A belief reinforcement model Fc:160 343
Benchmarking the IT productivity paradox: Recent evidence from the manufacturing sector Fe:160 347
Mobile music business in Japan and Korea: Copyright management institutions as a reverse salient Fz:160 349