OR/MS / Volume 47 / Issue 2

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Business models for technology in the developing world: The role of non-governmental organizations Ac:170 121
Project scheduling – Theory and practice Ad:100 125
Managing the strategic dynamics of acquisition integration: Lessons from HP and Compaq Af:100 127
The effect of strategic complexity on marketing strategy and organizational performance Af:140 131
Designing a family of development-intensive products Af:160 133
Gales of creative destruction and the opportunistic incumbent: The case of electric vehicles in California Af:240 137
The globalization of research in the pharmaceutical industry: A case of uneven development Af:290 141
When is contracting preferable to employment? An exploration of management and worker perspectives Ag:130 145
Idea management: A systemic view Az:100 149
Women’s perceptions of organizational culture, work attitudes and role-modeling behaviors Ba:130 153
Team composition Bc:130 155
Responsiveness to authority appeals among young French and American consumers Bc:140 159
Management learning not management control: The true role of performance measurement? Bd:100 163
A genetic algorithmic approach on a deterministic inventory model for deteriorating items with shortages Ca:000 165
Telecommunications reform: Resolving performance problems in Indonesia Cc:210 169
Optimal policies for transshipping inventory in a retail network Cd:120 171
Balancing assembly lines with tabu search Cd:150 173
Pricing and scheduling decisions with leadtime flexibility Cz:140 175
Use of the performance diagnostic checklist to select an intervention designed to increase the offering of promotional stamps at two sites of a restaurant franchise Db:140 177
In-store experiments to determine the impact of price on sales 140 181
Does past success lead analysts to become overconfident? Ea:110 185
A collaborative inventory system with permissible delay in payment for deteriorating items Ed:150 189
Some statistical aspects of methods for detection of turning points in business cycles Ee:110 191
Loss averse behavior Ef:100 193
Fear of ruin Ef:110 195
Sales force use of technology: Antecedents to technology acceptance Fa:140 199
Management of knowledge intensive systems as supernetworks: modelling, analysis, computations and applications Fa:160 203
ARMS: An automated resource management system for British Telecommunications plc Fa:210 207
Biological engineering applications of feedforward neural networks designed and parameterized by genetic algorithms Fb:000 211
Promotions in the internal and external labor market: Evidence from professional football coaching careers Fc:140 213
Internet exchanges for used books: An empirical analysis of product cannibalization and welfare impact Fc:140 215
A theoretical approach to web design in e-commerce: A belief reinforcement model Fc:160 217
Top management team transactive memory, information gathering and perceptual accuracy Fd:160 223
Creating network bridges for university technology transfer: The Medici Fellowship Program Ff:100 225
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