OR/MS / Volume 47 / Issue 1

Title Cat:App Page
A methodology for assessing organizational core values Aa:100 15
Designing work within and between organizations Ac:100 17
Customized products: A competitive analysis Af:140 21
The idiosyncrasy and dynamism of technological innovation across industries: Patent citation analysis Af:160 25
Corporate restructuring, performance and competitiveness: An empirical examination Ag:100 29
Self-perceived strategic network identity and its effects on market performance in alliance relationships Az:100 33
Tell me why I don’t like Mondays: Investigating day of the week effects on job satisfaction and psychological well-being Ba:130 35
The influence of purchase situation on buying center structure and involvement: A select meta-analysis of organizational buying behavior research Bc:130 37
Consumer willingness to claim a price-matching refund: A look into the process Bc:140 39
Antecedents and consequences of group potency: A study of self-managing service teams Bz:130 41
Combining path relinking and genetic algorithms for the multiple-level warehouse layout problem Ca:120 43
Andalucia assesses the investment needed to deploy a fiber-optic network Cc:110 47
Routing for a just-in-time supply pickup and delivery system Cc:120 49
Routing of platforms in a maritime surface surveillance operation Cc:250 51
An optimization algorithm for the clearing of interbank payments Cd:110 55
Monotonic robust optimal control policies for the time-quality trade-offs in concurrent new product development (NPD) Cd:170 59
Principles of scatter search Ce:100 61
ERP investments and the market value of firms: Toward an understanding of influential ERP project variables Db:110 63
A fractal Poisson process and its input queue Dd:100 67
Optimal dynamic assignment of a flexible worker on an open production line with specialists Dd:150 69
Overoptimism and the performance of entrepreneurial firms Ea:100 73
Your money or your life: A prescriptive model for health, safety and consumption decisions Ea:110 77
Impact of role in the decision to fail: An exploratory study of terminated projects Ea:110 81
Risk management with benchmarking Ef:110 85
Management of service-oriented architecture life cycle Fa:110 89
Personal innovativeness social influences and adoption of wireless internet services via mobile technology Fa:130 93
Cheap talk and bogus network externalities in the emergency technology market Fa:160 97
Biological engineering applications for feed forward neural networks designed and parametrized by generic algorithms Fb:000 101
E-sourcing in procurement: Theory and behavior in reverse auctions with noncompetitive contracts Fc:110 105
IT outsourcing configuration: Research into defining and designing outsourcing arrangements Fd:130 107