OR/MS / Volume 47 / Issue 6

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Balanced management control systems as a mechanism for achieving corporate entrepreneurship Ac:100 601
Managing creativity in small worlds Af:000 603
Strategic moves and organizational survival in turbulent environments: The case of Spanish banks (1983-97) Af:100 605
Stakeholder influence in organizational survival Af:130 607
The governance of agro- and pharmaceutical biotechnology innovation: Public policy and industrial strategy Af:290 609
Conducting R&D in countries with weak intellectual property rights protection Ag:170 613
National cultural influences on knowledge sharing: A comparison of China and Russia Ag:280 617
Urban renewal in Asia-Pacific: A comparative analysis of brainports for Sydney and Kuala Lumpur Ba:270 619
Family communication and parental influence on children’s brand attitudes Bc:140 621
Processing exaggerated advertising claims Bc:140 625
Multiproduct, multicriteria model for supplier selection with product life-cycle considerations Cb:100 627
An interval nonlinear program for the planning of waste management systems with economies-of-scale effects – A case study for the region of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Cb:240 631
A tabu search algorithm for a routing and container loading problem Cc:250 635
Scatter search and bionomic algorithms for the aircraft landing problem Cc:250 639
The sum of linear and a linear fractional transportation problem with restricted and enhanced flow Cc:250 641
Performance and design of mobility allowance shuttle transit services: Bounds on the maximum longitudinal velocity Cd:250 643
An optimization model for storage yard management in transshipment hubs Cd:250 647
OR/MS research in disaster operations management Cz:270 651
How effective is security screening of airline passengers? Db:250 653
Lot sizing for optimal collection and use of remanufacturable returns over a finite life-cycle Dd:100 657
Mathematical modelling of container transfers and storage locations at seaport terminals Dd:250 661
Responding to emergencies: Lessons learned and the need for analysis Ea:290 665
A combinatorial heuristic approach for solving real-size machinery location and road design problems in forestry planning Ee:240 669
Online low-price guarantees – A real options analysis Ez:110 675
Measuring switching costs in IT outsourcing services Fa:130 679
Model selection n neural networks: Some difficulties Fb:000 683
Household-specific regressions using clickstream data Fc:100 687
Innovative IT climates: CIO perspectives Fd:160 689
Towards human-centered design: Two case studies Fe:160 695
National survey evidence on disasters and relief: Risk beliefs, self-interest and compassion Z:220 699
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