OR/MS / Volume 47 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
National barriers to global competitiveness: The case of the IT industry in India Af:100 361
Stanford and Silicon Valley: Lessons on becoming a high-tech region Af:170 367
Organizational boundaries and theories of organization Ag:100 369
Inbound logistic planning: minimizing transportation and inventory cost Ah:120 373
Heuristics for joint decisions in production, transportation and order quantity Ah:250 377
The impact of corruption on entry strategy: Evidence from telecommunication projects in emerging economies Az:100 381
Sensemaking and the distortion of critical upward communication in organizations Bb:100 385
A comparison of associational and claimless-informational advertising in Russia Bc:140 389
Safety cameras: Stealth tax or life-savers? Be:250 393
When the market misleads: Stock prices, firm behavior and industry evolution Bz:110 395
Integrated production/transportation planning decisions using possibilistic linear programming Cb:000 399
Faster, better, cheaper: A study of NPD project efficiency and performance tradeoffs Cb:100 403
A new linear programming approach to radiation therapy treatment planning problems Cb:220 409
A stochastic programming approach to the airline crew scheduling problem Cb:250 411
An ant colony system approach for variants of the traveling salesman problem with time windows Cc:000 415
An OR/MS approach to managing Nanzan Gakuen (Nanzan Educational Complex): From the strategic to the daily operational level Cc:130 417
A new approach to discrete stochastic optimization problems Cd:000 421
A general model for the undesirable single facility location problem Cd:120 423
International trade and biological invasions: A queuing theoretic analysis of the prevention problem Dd:110 427
Inventory control in the presence of an electronic marketplace Dd:160 429
Advanced methods for container stacking De:250 433
A comparison of MC/DC, MUMCUT and several other coverage criteria for logical decisions Ea:000 439
The effectiveness of simple decision heuristics: Forecasting commercial success for early-stage ventures Eb:100 443
New evidence on price anomalies in sequential auctions: Used cars in New Jersey Ez:290 447
Model selection in neural networks: Some difficulties Fb:000 449
Realizing the promise of e-business: Developing and leveraging electronic partnering options Fc:110 453
An empirical examination of the decision to invest in fulfillment capabilities: A study of internet retailers Fc:110 457
Bases of e-store loyalty: Perceived switching barriers and satisfaction Fc:130 461
Promotional chat on the internet Fc:160 463
Model traceability Fe:000 467