OR/MS / Volume 52 / Issue 5-6

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On the dynamic use of project performance and schedule risk information during project tracking Ad:100 431
Profiting from knowledge management: The impact of time and experience Af:100 435
University patenting: Patterns of faculty motivations Af:130 437
From innovation to market entry: A strategic management model for new technologies Af:140 439
Dominant design or multiple designs: The flash memory card case Af:160 441
Hidden innovators: The role of non–R&D activities Af:170 443
Open innovation policy through intermediaries: The industry incubator programme in Norway Af:210 445
Social capital configuration, legal bonds and performance in buyer-supplier relationships Ah:110 447
Organizational change and employee stress Ba:130 451
Estimating the implied value of the customer’s waiting time Bc:130 453
In-store music and aroma influences on shopper behavior and satisfaction Bc:140 455
Bailing out the Once-ler: Using Dr. Seuss to teach management Bf:000 457
Priceless: The nonpecuniary benefits of schooling Bf:000 461
The effect of team-based learning on student attitudes and satisfaction Bf:130 465
Retail shopping typology of American teens Bz:140 469
Testing to prevent bad translation: Brand name conversions in Chinese-English contexts Bz:140 471
Stochastic simulation based genetic algorithm for chance constrained data envelopment analysis problems Ca:000 475
Increasing selective pressure towards the best compromise in evolutionary multiobjective optimization: The extended NOSGA method Cb:000 479
A multi-criteria decision making approach for location planning for urban distribution centers under uncertainty Cb:120 481
On a new rotational tour network model for aircraft maintenance routing problem Cc:250 485
Maritime inventory routing with multiple products: A case study from the cement industry Cc:250 487
HD supply facilities maintenance uses diluted discounts to optimize purchasing opportunities Cd:110 491
Performance measurement in the warehousing industry Db:120 493
Carbon capture by fossil fuel power plants: An economic analysis Db:240 495
Taking the politics out of paving: Achieving transportation asset management excellence through OR Db:250 499
Inventory optimization at Procter & Gamble: Achieving real benefits through user adoption of inventory tools Dd:150 501
Breaking the deadlock: Improving water-release policies on the Delaware River through operations research Dz:240 505
Estimating the operational impact of container inspections at international ports Dz:250 507
INDEVAL develops a new operating and settlement system using operations research Dz:290 509
A foraging problem: Sit-and-wait versus active predation Ea:000 513
Capability flexibility: A decision support methodology for parallel service and manufacturing systems with flexible servers Ea:150 517
An extension of the Electre I method for group decision-making under a fuzzy environment Ec:000 519
The cost of using stationary inventory policies when demand is non-stationary Ed:150 523
Hospital stockpiling for disaster planning Ed:220 527
A statistical analysis of multiple temperature proxies: Reconstruction of surface temperatures over the last 1000 years reliable? Ee:240 529
Evaluation of performance of European cities with the aim to promote quality of life improvements Ez:220 533
The performance evaluation of regional R&D investments in China: An application of DEA based on the first official China economic census data Ez:270 537
Efficiency and evaluation analysis of a network of technology transfer brokers Fa:160 541
Enabling integrated city operations Fa:220 543
The debate on net neutrality: A policy perspective Fc:250 545
PERCS: The IBM POWER7-IH high-performance computing system Fe:100 549
Quantifying requirements elaboration to improve early software cost estimation Fe:110 551
Managing versions of a software product under variable and endogenous demand Fe:160 553
The evolving structure of the technological landscape Ff:100 557
Nanotechnology as general-purpose technology: Empirical evidence and implications Ff:280 559
Using standards to enable the transformation to smarter cities Fz:220 561
OR in developing countries: A review Z:270 563