OR/MS / Volume 52 / Issue 3

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The joint impact of executive pay disparity and corporate governance on corporate performance Ab:110 187
Is your project turning into a black hole? Ad:100 191
Project management contracts with delayed payments Ad:110 193
Internationalization strategies of emerging markets firms Af:100 197
Life after death? Analyzing post-defection consumer brand equity Af:140 201
Alliances, rivalry, and firm performance in enterprise systems software markets: A social network approach Ag:130 203
Predicting the next big thing: Success as a signal of poor judgment Ag:140 205
Alliance activity as a dynamic capability in the face of a discontinuous technological change Ag:000 207
Balancing the sequential logic of quality constructs in manufacturing-supplier relationships – Causes and outcomes Ah:110 211
Independence of capacity ordering and financial subsidies to risky suppliers Ah:110 213
Performance implications of customer-linking capabilities: Examining the complementary role of customer orientation and CRM technology Az:100 217
Looking more or less alike: Determinants of perceived visual similarity between copycat and leading brands Bc:140 221
What makes them tick? Employee motives and firm innovation Bd:130 223
Relative importance of criteria in multiobjective programming: A cone-based approach Cb:000 225
Multicriterion market segmentation: A new model, implementation, and evaluation Cb:140 227
Scheduling jobs under an aging effect Cc:150 229
Optimal bundling of technological products with network externality Cc:160 231
Truck driver scheduling in the European union Cc:250 235
Multi-index and self-approximate-optimal operation for a smart electrical power grid Cd:250 237
Solving the curfew planning problem Cz:220 239
Equilibrium results for dynamic congestion games Dc:000 243
A review of the recent contribution of systems thinking to operational research and management science Dz:000 245
Computing stable loads for pallets Dz:150 247
Modelling the size and skill-mix of hospital nursing teams Dz:220 249
Catastrophe economics: The national flood insurance program Dz:230 251
The evolution of US city size distribution from a long-term perspective (1900–2000) Eb:290 255
Inventory and sales effort management under unobservable lost sales Ed:140 257
ASAP: The after-salesman problem Ez:100 259
Target age and the acquisition of innovation in high-technology industries Fa:160 263
Understanding willingness-to-pay formation of repeat bidders in sequential online auctions Fc:100 267
Competitive analysis of the online inventory problem Fc:120 269
Technology usage and online sales: An empirical study Fc:140 271
Converting pirates without cannibalizing purchasers: The impact of digital distribution on physical sales and internet piracy Fc:000 275
Framework for building a low-cost, scalable, and secured platform for web-delivered business services Fc:160 277
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