OR/MS / Volume 52 / Issue 1-2

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Lean and hungry or fat and content? Entrepreneurs’ wealth and start-up performance Ac:110 17
Strategies to fight ad-sponsored rivals Af:140 19
Competitiveness and changing patterns of embeddedness in Romania Af:270 23
Diversification, diseconomies of scope, and vertical contracting: Evidence from the taxicab industry Ag:100 25
Strategic entry before demand takes off Ag:140 29
Deal or no deal: Hormones and the mergers and acquisitions game Ag:140 31
Why are bad products so hard to kill? Ag:140 33
Exploiting market size in service systems Ah:100 37
Improving supply chain performance and managing risk under weather-related demand uncertainty Ah:120 41
Improving supply chain performance: Real-time demand information and flexible deliveries Ah:120 45
Supplier innovativeness, organizational learning styles and manufacturer performance: An empirical assessment Ah:130 49
Does a manufacturer benefit from selling to a better-forecasting retailer? Ah:140 53
An experimental test of advice and social learning Bc:130 57
Culture clash: The costs and benefits of homogeneity Bc:140 61
School, family, neighbourhood: Which is most important to a child’s education? Bf:220 63
Coordinated multistage scheduling of parallel batch-processing machines under multiresource constraints Cc:150 65
Combination of metaheuristic and exact algorithms for solving set covering-type optimization problems Cd:000 69
Staffing call centers with uncertain demand forecasts: A chance-constrained optimization approach Cd:120 73
Optimal control and equilibrium behavior of production-inventory systems Cd:150 77
Optimal allocation of surgery blocks to operating rooms under uncertainty Cd:220 81
Capacity management on long-distance passenger trains of Indian railways Cd:250 85
Bicriteria p-hub location problems and evolutionary algorithms Cg:250 89
Integrated airline schedule design and fleet assignment: Polyhedral analysis and Benders’ decomposition approach Cg:250 93
Macroeconomics after the crisis: Time to deal with the pretense-of-knowledge syndrome Db:230 97
Why bundle discounts can be a profitable alternative to competing on price promotions Dz:140 101
Pricing, frills and customer ratings Dz:140 103
Cardinal scales for health evaluation Dz:220 105
On the pricing of natural gas pipeline capacity Eb:250 109
Online prediction under model uncertainty via dynamic model averaging: Application to a cold rolling mill Ed:150 111
Structural estimation of the effect of out-of-stocks Ed:150 113
Reliable facility location design under the risk of disruptions Ef:120 117
Mitigating supply risk: Dual sourcing or process improvement? Ef:120 121
Social contagion and information technology diffusion: The adoption of electronic medical records in U.S. hospitals Fa:220 125
Foundations for smarter cities Fa:220 129
Software assistants for randomized patrol planning for the LAX airport police and the Federal Air Marshal Service Fa:250 133
Freedom of privacy: Anonymous data collection with respondent-defined privacy protection Fc:130 137
Promises and perils of internet based networking Fc:140 139
Information technology, network structure, and competitive action Fd:100 141
Complementarities and the demand for home broadband internet services Fd:140 143
The effect of signal quality and contiguous word of mouth on customer acquisition for a video-on-demand service Fd:140 145
Balancing IT with the human touch: Optimal investment in IT-based customer service Fd:160 147
Work-domain knowledge in usability evaluation: Experiences with cooperative usability testing Fe:160 149
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