OR/MS / Volume 52 / Issue 4

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Brand misconduct: Consequences on consumer-brand relationships Ab:140 309
Lost roots: How project management came to emphasize control over flexibility and novelty Ad:100 311
Environmental safety stock: The impacts of regulatory and voluntary control policies on production planning, inventory control, and environmental performance Ae:150 315
Timing is everything: A meta-analysis of the relationships between organizational performance and innovation Af:100 317
Managing disputes with nonmarket stakeholders: Wage a fight, withdraw, wait, or work it out? Af:100 319
Reconceptualizing the firm in a world of outsourcing and offshoring: The organizational and geographical relocation of high-value company functions Ag:120 323
Leadtime-variety tradeoff in product differentiation Ag:140 325
Transformation of Chinese state-owned enterprises: Challenges and responses Ag:270 329
Ensuring responsive capacity: How to contract with backup suppliers Ah:110 333
Procurement mechanism design in a two-echelon inventory system with price-sensitive demand Ah:110 335
Retailer or e-tailer? Strategic pricing and economic-lot-size decisions in a competitive supply chain with drop-shipping Ah:110 339
The experience of alienation among temporary workers in high-skill jobs: A qualitative analysis of temporary firefighters Bc:130 341
Adolescent consumption autonomy: A cross-cultural examination Bc:140 343
A new ranking method to fuzzy data envelopment analysis Cb:000 345
E-DEA: Enhanced data envelop analysis Cb:000 347
Algorithms for partitioning of large routing networks Cc:000 349
Implementing supply-routing optimization in a make-to-order manufacturing network Cc:150 351
Parallel machine scheduling problems considering regular measures of performance and machine cost Cc:150 355
Some applications of the generalized vehicle routing problem Cc:250 357
Maximizing the efficiency of the US liver allocation system through region design Cd:220 359
Data reduction in classification: A simulated annealing based projection method Cf:000 363
Non-price determinants of automotive demand: Restyling matters most Db:250 365
A survey of stochastic modeling approaches for liberalized electricity markets Df:250 367
Design and analysis of diagnostic service centers Dz:120 369
The loader problem: formulation, complexity and algorithms Dz:150 373
A scatter search methodology for the nurse rostering problem Dz:220 375
Adapting and refining in multi-criteria decision-making Ea:000 377
Myopic inventory policies using individual customer arrival information Ed:100 379
A permutation approach to validation Ee:000 381
How riskily do I invest? The role of risk attitudes, risk perceptions, and overconfidence Ef:130 383
Open platform strategies and innovation: Granting access vs. devolving control Fa:160 385
Technology transfer across organizational boundaries: Absorptive capacity and desorptive capacity Fa:160 389
The sealed-bid abstraction in online auctions Fc:100 391
Discovery and analysis of tightly knit communities in telecom social networks Fc:130 393
When does electronic word-of-mouth matter? A study of consumer product reviews Fc:140 395
Let’s shop online together: An empirical investigation of collaborative online shopping support Fc:140 397
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