OR/MS / Volume 45 / Issue 6

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Sell the plant? The impact of contract manufacturing on innovation, capacity and profitability Aa:110 601
The service volunteer – loyalty chain: An exploratory study of charitable not-for-profit service organizations Aa:130 603
A multi-objective approach to CEO selection Af:100 607
Threats to international operations: Dealing with political risk at the firm level Af:100 611
The evolution of innovation: Cultural backgrounds and the use of innovation models Af:100 615
A descriptive analysis of discrete US industrial complexes Af:120 619
New venture ideas: An analysis of their origin and early development Af:170 621
Enterprise systems, knowledge transfer and power users Ag:100 625
A model of organizational integration, implementation effort and performance Ag:100 627
Operational, economic and mission elements in not-for-profit organizations: The case of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Ag:220 631
From technology transfer to the emergence of a triple helix culture: The experience of Algeria in innovation and technological capability development Ag:280 633
Decentralized supply chains with competing retailers under demand uncertainty Ah:120 637
A continuous model for multistore competitive location Ah:120 639
Managing disruption risks in supply chains Ah:120 641
Mail atmospherics: The interaction effects of the mall environment on shopping behavior Bc:140 645
Using stochastic goal programming: Some applications to management and a case of industrial production Cb:150 647
Hub-spoke network choice under competition with an application to Western Europe Cc:120 649
Dilemmas in factory design: Paradox and paradigm Cd:120 651
Solving a time-space network formulation for the convoy movement problem Cg:120 655
Naive bidding Dc:000 657
Competition in multiechelon assembly supply chains Dc:120 659
Emotional bidders – An analytical and experimental examination of consumers’ behavior in a priceline-like reverse auction Dc:130 661
Online haggling at a name-your-own-price retailer: Theory and application Dc:140 663
Dynamic pricing and learning in electricity markets Dc:240 665
Implementing JIT purchasing: Does the level of technical complexity in the production process make a difference? Dd:110 667
Combining simple priority rules and controlled release with prohibited early shipments Dd:150 671
Middle-earth meets New Zealand: Authenticity and location in the making of The Lord of the Rings Dc:290 673
A dynamic kernel logic model for the analysis of longitudinal discrete choice data: Properties and computational assessment Dz:000 675
Economic evaluation of scale dependent technology investments Dz:170 677
A Bayesian multiple comparison procedure for ranking the means of normally distributed data Ea:000 679
A model of fuzzy data envelopment analysis Ec:000 681
Coordinating inventory control and pricing strategies with random demand and fixed ordering cost: The finite horizon case 683
A periodic inventory routing problem at a supermarket chain Ed:120 685
Model-free variable selection Ee:000 687
Distributed monitoring and control of office buildings by embedded agents Fa:120 691
Sampling for passive internet measurement: A review Fc:000 695
Search and collusion in electronic markets Fc:140 699
Teen internet mavens: Influence in family decision making Fc:140 701
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