OR/MS / Volume 45 / Issue 5

Title Cat:App Page
Using scenarios to challenge and change management thinking Af:100 481
Reputation management capabilities as decision rules Af:100 483
Organizational DNA for strategic innovation Af:100 487
Blue ocean strategy: From theory to practice Af:140 489
Competitor see, competitor do: Incumbent entry in the new market niches Af:140 493
Simulation of the new product development process for performance improvement Af:170 497
Online assessment of new product development performance: An approach Af:170 499
Coordination of supply chains with risk-averse agents Ah:100 503
Strategic purchasing, supply management and firm performance Ah:120 505
PCDM: A decision support modeling methodology for supply chain, product and process design decisions Ah:150 509
Towards integrated optimal configuration of platform products, manufacturing processes and supply chains Ah:150 513
Reassessing the pleasures of store shopping Bc:140 517
Purchase occasion influence on the role of music in advertising Bc:140 521
Self-organized pedestrian crowd dynamics: Experiments, simulations and design solutions Bc:220 525
Can standard operating procedures be motivating? Reconciling process variability issues and behavioral outcomes Bd:100 529
Assessing and benchmarking maintenance performance in a manufacturing facility: A data envelopment analysis approach Cb:000 533
Designing communication networks to decompose network control problems Cb:000 537
Robust dynamic programming Cb:000 541
Meta-heuristics for a class of demand-responsive transit systems Cg:120 543
Statistical analysis of a telephone call center: A queuing-science perspective Dd:120 547
Multiagent modeling and simulation of hydraulic management of the Camargue De:240 549
Urban water management with artificial societies of agents: The FIRMABAR simulator De:240 553
Efficient service location design in government services: A decision support system framework Ea:270 557
IT sourcing success: A psychological contract perspective Fa:160 561
Empowering the business analyst for on demand computing Fa:160 565
A technical framework for sense-and-respond business management Fa:160 567
Website quality and customer’s behavioral intention: An exploratory study of the role of information asymmetry Fc:140 571
A subjective measure of web search quality Fc:160 573
Bayesian network based software reliability prediction with an operational profile Fe:000 575
Open-source versus proprietary software: Is one more reliable and secure than the other? Fe:160 577
Building applications for the Linux standard base Fe:160 581