OR/MS / Volume 45 / Issue 4

Title Cat:App Page
Transferring, translating and transforming: An integrative framework for managing knowledge across boundaries Af:100 361
Standardization process of systems technologies: Creating a balance between competition and cooperation Af:170 363
Collaborating with activists: How Starbucks works with NGOs Af:220 367
Object-orientation: A tool for enterprise design Ag:100 371
Organizational emergence: The origin and transformation of Branson, Missouri’s musical theaters Ag:220 375
The influence of power driven buyer/seller relationships on supply chain satisfaction Ah:100 379
The bridge to the ‘real world’: Applied science or a ‘schizophrenic tour de force’? Az:100 383
Transactive memory systems in organizations: Matching tasks, expertise and people Bc:000 387
Stealth marketing: How to reach consumers surreptitiously Bc:140 389
Attribute beliefs and spending as antecedents to shopping value Bz:140 393
Heuristics for two-machine flow shop problems with earliness and tardiness penalties Cc:150 397
General Motors optimizes its scheduling of cold-weather tests Cc:190 399
Improving volunteer scheduling for the Edmonton Folk Festival Cc:220 401
GE Plastics optimizes the two-echelon global fulfillment network at its high performance polymers division Cd:150 405
A new hybrid heuristic approach for solving large traveling salesman problem Cg:000 407
Price discounts or coupon promotions: Does it matter? Db:140 411
Parallel simulation of transfer lines by time segmentation De:000 415
Estimating housing demand with an application to explaining racial segregation in cities Dz:220 419
Prototyping an intelligent decision support system for improving urban infrastructures management Ea:000 423
Restored fuzzy measures in expert decision making Ea:000 425
A Brownian approximation of a production-inventory system with a manufacturer that subcontracts Ed:150 427
A text-mining system for knowledge discovery from biomedical documents Ee:280 431
Auctions with bidder-determined allowable combinations Ef:000 435
Combining data envelopment analysis with neural networks: Application to analysis of stock prices Fb:110 439
List-based web surveys: Quality, timeliness and nonresponse in the steps of the participation flow Fc:100 443
Neutralizing the piracy of motion pictures: Reengineering the industry’s supply chain Fc:110 447
Flow and internet shopping behavior: A conceptual model and research propositions Fc:110 451
Proprietary versus internet technologies and the adoption and impact of electronic marketplaces Fc:140 455
Modeling browsing behavior at multiple websites Fc:140 457
Managing quality in the e-service system: Development and application of a process model Fc:160 461
An empirical study of system design instability metric and design evolution in an agile software process Fe:160 465
Software failure prediction based on a Markov Bayesian network model Fe:160 467