OR/MS / Volume 45 / Issue 1

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Capabilities, structures and strategies re-examined: Incumbent firms and the emergence of complex product systems (CoPS) in mature industries Af:100 13
Corporate reputations: Should you compete on yours? Af:100 15
The real art of strategic planning Af:100 19
The cycles of corporate branding: The case of the Lego Company Af:140 21
Strategic management of spare parts in closed-loop supply chains – A system dynamics approach Ah:120 25
The challenge of closed-loop supply chains Ah:120 29
Understanding competence-based management – Identifying and managing five modes of competence Az:100 31
Metrics and performance measurement in operations management: Dealing with the metrics maze Bd:100 35
The design of performance measurement systems for management learning Bd:130 37
Performance measurement and business results Bd:130 41
An exploratory study of performance measurement systems and relationships with performance results Bd:130 43
Real-time multivehicle truckload pickup and delivery problems Cc:120 47
UPS optimizes its air network Cc:120 51
Computer-aided complexity classification of dial-a-ride problems Cc:250 53
Optimization of logistic and manufacturing systems through simulation: A colored Petri net-based methodology Cd:120 55
Solving the aerial fleet refueling problem using group theoretic tabu search Ce:250 57
Recognition confidence, recognition accuracy and choice Cz:110 59
Modelling force deployments from Army installations using the transportation system capability (TRANSCAP) model: A standardized approach Dc:120 61
Inventory games Dd:000 63
Joint inventory replenishment and component allocation optimization in an assemble-to-order system Dd:100 67
Forward buying policies for deteriorating items under price sensitive demand and temporary price discounts Dd:110 71
Two-stage imperfect production systems with inspection errors Dd:150 75
Uncertainty, flexibility and sustained competitive advantage Dz:100 77
Capital structure in transition: The transformation of financial strategies in China’s emerging economy Dz:110 79
Measuring dimensions of manufacturing flexibility Dz:150 81
Automatic extraction of head and face boundaries and facial features Ea:130 83
On customer contact centers with a call-back option: Customer decisions, routing rules and system design Ea:130 85
Different methods of traffic forecast based on real data Eb:250 89
Adaptive multiresolution search: How to beat brute force? Ef:000 91
Continuous simulation, differential inclusions, uncertainty and traveling in time Ef:000 93
The fatality risks of sport-utility vehicles, vans and pickups relative to cars Ef:250 95
Using an artificial neural network trained with a genetic algorithm to model brand share Fb:140 97
A typology of online shoppers based on shopping motivations Fc:140 99
Does animation attract online users’ attention? The effects of flash on information search performance and perceptions Fc:140 101
Economics of information in the web economy toward a new theory? Fc:160 105
A review of studies on expert estimation of software development effort Fe:160 107
Software project control centers: Concepts and approaches Fe:160 109