OR/MS / Volume 45 / Issue 2

Title Cat:App Page
Organization and management in the midst of societal transformation: The People’s Republic of China Af:100 121
Organizational de-development Af:100 123
Assessing the effectiveness of technology policy – A long-term view Af:170 125
Why is property right protection lacking in China? Ag:100 127
Empirical evaluation of an integrated supply chain model for small and medium sized firms Ah:100 129
Supply chain modelling of forest fuel Ah:240 131
On explaining performance differentials – Marketing and the managerial theory of the firm Az:140 135
Team self-management, organizational structure and judgments of team effectiveness Bc:130 139
Rationality and its symbols: Signalling effects and subjectification in management consulting Be:100 143
Measurement and sources of overall and input inefficiencies: Evidences and implications in hospital services Cb:220 145
A crane scheduling method for port container terminals Cc:120 149
Tabu search algorithms for water network optimization Cc:220 153
Selection, provisioning, shared fixed costs, maximum closure and implications on algorithmic methods today Cd:000 157
The price of robustness Cd:000 161
Simulation and optimization of logistic and production systems using discrete and continuous Petri nets Cd:140 163
Scheduling transportation of live animals to avoid the spread of diseases Cg:280 165
Analyzing cognitive maps to help structure issues or problems De:000 169
Using simulation to make order acceptance/rejection decisions De:150 171
A hybrid decision tree/genetic algorithm method for data mining Ea:000 175
Search during decision making Ea:000 179
A short and mean-term automatic forecasting system – application to textile logistics Eb:120 183
Application of fuzzy optimization to diet problems in Argentinean farms Ec:280 185
Design and analysis of storing experiments: A case study Ed:000 189
Inventory decisions in Dell’s supply chain Ed:100 193
Expanding self-organizing map for data visualization and cluster analysis Ee:000 197
Mining massive document collections by the WEBSOM method Ee:000 199
Interactive sequence discovery by incremental mining Ee:000 201
Transformations in mixed models: Application to risk analysis for a multienvironment trial Ef:000 205
Security issues in digital music distribution Fa:100 209
Adoption of e-processes by service firms: An empirical study of antecedents Fa:100 211
Metrics for managing online procurement auctions Fa:110 213
Using online conversations to study word-of-mouth communication Fa:130 215
Self-organization of globally continuous and locally distributed information representation Fb:000 217
The role of online buying experience as a competitive advantage: Evidence from third-party ratings for e-commerce firms Fc:140 219
The effect of piracy on the market penetration of subscription software Fz:160 223